Friday, October 8, 2010

The "F" Word

It has been a while since we have visited the GI doctor. GI appointments are my least favorite. Makenzie and GI issues over the past 3 years have been many. We go in, they weigh and measure Makenzie. They attempt to take a blood pressure, and then there is Makenzie's least favorite, the ear temperature taking. We then talk to the doctor about the same stuff we have been discussing for the last three years. There are usually no new suggestions and then we leave. Good stuff!

Today Makenzie is at the 25th% Body Mass Index (BMI). Both the doctor and the dietitian were pleased with that. Makenzie is right were she needs to be. We talked about formula, dosing, and pump rate. We of course talked about reflux, meds, and I asked about a few meds I had heard about recently.

Makenzie continues to reflux. She does really great for several days and then has several that are not so hot. She is growing, not getting sick, and look great over all so there is not any urgent concerns but I brought up the "F" word with the doctor because I wanted to know what his thougnts were.

For those of you that have no dang clue what "F" word I am talking about it is Fundoplication. This is a surgery where they wrap a part of the stomach around the esophagus to keep food and reflux from exiting. In theory this is a good deal however the side effects are many. I have heard great outcome stories and I have heard stories that ended not so great.

I will continue to throw it around. Do some more research and pray about it. If anyone out there has some kind of in site to offer from experience on this subject that would be WONDERFUL. For now Makenzie is doing well and that is what matters.

We stopped on the way out to be measured for Sure Steps and then to watch the marble works in the lobby. Makenzie loves the balls. I do too! It is so much fun to watch her track the always moving balls. To hear her giggle when one of them hits the bells or flies into the open mouth of a dog in the maze. It is the one and only part of the old hospital left. The old place we called home for almost six weeks. I am so glad they moved this fun piece of art because it is such a good reminder of how far we have come in the last 3 years!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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