Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Emotions are a very powerful thing.

Emotions are something I was not sure Makenzie would ever have again. When we left the hospital in May 2007 Makenzie was unable to smile, laugh, or really even cry. She cried ALOT but it was not an emotional cry. It was a neuro cry. There were no tears and no fluctuation in her voice.

Today my daughter can not talk but she sure can use her emotions to communicate.

At the end of today my summery would be that Makenzie was very emotional. She wanted NOTHING to do with anyone leaving. She gave the pouty face all night and wanted to be held. She communicated what she wanted and when she got it Makenzie was happy as a clam.

The boys had youth group tonight so it was just Makenzie and I at bed time. Tonight Makenzie decided to throw the biggest fit I have ever seen when I tried to put her to bed. It started when I put her pajamas on and continued until I layed her into bed. Every time I would start to sing her bedtime song she would start crying hysterically. Makenzie wanted nothing to do with going to bed. I ended up having to get up with her because she just wouldn't stop. The second we walked out of her room she was all smiles from ear to ear!

Tonight I am smiles from ear to ear. Most of you probably think I am crazy but every time Makenzie does this my heart swells. I love to see emotion in my little girl. I see an amazing miracle in that. I love the fact that Makenzie doesn't want to go to bed. I love the pouty lip she gets when she doesn't want you to walk away and I especially love the huge smile she gives when you hold out your arms to pick her up.

I am so proud of her even when she is high maintenance She is a little girl after all.... that should explain everything right?

Tomorrow my first born will turn 13 years old! WOW! Please pray that he feels special and honored on this day which begins the lovely teenage years! I love my son so much! He is becoming quite an amazing young man! He makes me so proud!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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