Friday, October 29, 2010

Cold, Cold Go Away.....

And please don't come back any other day!!!

Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze..................................

We have had a lot of that around here today. Makenzie has a tell tale sign of a cold coming on...... a lot of sneezing.  It usually starts in the morning and by the afternoon has continued accompanied by a bit of congestion. Then by the evening has turned into full fledged pouring out of the nose and making it hard to breath kind of fun. Today was that day. It marks the beginning of cold and flu season at this house.... darn it.

Makenzie was still happy all day but did seem a bit uncomfortable this evening as she was drifting off to sleep. She seems to be sleeping quite lightly and she stirs at every little noise. I guess it will be off to the doctor in the morning for the start of the glorious attempts to catch the "flu" before it becomes too late for medicine. Sigh...................

I did manage to make it out to run a few errands this afternoon. One of which was to get Makenzie's prescriptions. When I got up to the counter the pharmacists informs me that a medicine Makenzie has been taking now for 3 years now has a generic form and that is what they filled because insurance would not cover the brand name anymore. I shook my head.... not going to work. I have enough reflux problems and what she is taking works..... no changes...... not happening. So I will have to go back again tomorrow after getting the doctor to write a new script that states no generic. Oh joy!

I also was able to speak to Makenzie;s rehab doctor this afternoon. I had left her a message to discuss the FUNDO with me. We had a great talk. She asked me to schedule an appointment with a surgeon who "hates" the FUNDO. A surgeon that has been trying a new procedure without many of the potential side effects of the FUNDO and with great success. I will be setting up that appointment on Monday. We talked about school and the "truancy letter". She told me that they would take care of that issue with the school. She agreed with me that they were not medically capable of caring for Makenzie with out a skilled aide and with respiratory season upon us it would be a great idea to keep Makenzie home. We laughed about some of my recent adventures and she told me to write a book.....Yeah well, tah dah..... here it is.

Tomorrow will be a day of putting the house back together, finishing a few last Halloween costume details, and hopefully getting over a cold that is not welcome here!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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