Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catching Up!

Today we played hooky from church to catch up around here.

After having a couple of on the go days the house was looking a bit scary! I got the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry folded.

The boys went across the street for a Halloween party this afternoon. Makenzie and I were supposed to go but I was just too tired and sitting in a quiet house sounded better then hanging out with a bunch of pumpkin covered, over sugared, screaming little kids.

We watched an entire movie from start to finish with out getting off the couch. That never happens! I started to watch the football game but it was just too depressing so  it got turned off and Makenzie and I played with books, balls, blocks, and letters instead!

The kids all are on fall break this week. I am so very excited! OK, so now I am just trying to prepare myself with a little enthusiasm.

It's not working!

I love having my kids home. However, the messes they make and the sibling rivalry they are constantly engaged in, gets old after about 13 minutes. Please pray that we can have a good week! Pray that w can find some fun stuff to do! I am hearing there may be a blizzard brewing around here so we may be digging out the sleds!

I am feeling a bit burnt out tonight. I am looking forward to a good nights rest and a fresh start in the morning!

Believe... Prayer Works! Miracles Happen!


Anonymous said...

I love Makenzie!!!

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