Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

What a great evening!

The Halloween fun always starts with getting ready! As the boys have gotten older this daunting task has gotten a lot easier. However, mommy had this wonderful idea to hot roll Makenzie's hair so that she would fit the part of her costume. Really it was a ton of fun and Makenzie only got fed up with my antics a couple of times.

What a beautiful little girl! After the rollers where out I took Makenzie to the mirror to show her how beautiful she was and the size of her grin was unmeasurable. She loves being a little girl!

With all of the kids dressed I think we were now ready to hit the road!

So just before dark we headed out to beg for candy. LOL! Most years there is snow on the ground but tonight it was a very pleasant evening. Makenzie loved watching the boys run up and down the walkways and giggled every time she heard the uproar of the trick-or-treats.

My boys are not easily scared but let me tell one of our neighbors got them this year. I so wish I had a video! As the boys walked up to the house they hit about the garage before the chain saw reved up. I had one certain little 11 year old almost in my arms.....mind you I was standing across the street at the moment! I laughed so hard. Not much gets that kid but man was he scared!

After the sun went down the temperature dropped and it was time to bundle Miss Makenzie up. Now she was the cutest little snow bunny you had ever seen! Two costumes... one night! LOL

The boys got tons of candy! The end of the road was Makenzie's PT's home. This is now the 3rd year we have trick-or-treated up to her house. We sat and visited while the boys organized and traded their candy! They now have 3 days to eat it before it becomes MINE! The countdown is on....3,2,1 .... they had better save me some Snickers!

The best part was, after the boys had put away their candy, Makenzie had finished her dinner, and a cup of tea had warmed my soul, we got a ride home!

Goodbye Halloween 2010.... see ya again next year!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Shauna Quintero said...

She looked so cute! And great job on the hair! I LOVE the mario costume!

Leo said...

She's sooo cute....she's going to be quite the heartbreaker when she grows up...

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