Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a Morning

We made it to church this morning. Getting to that point was a bit challenging this morning however. Makenzie decided that today, 45 minutes from walking out the door, she was going to projectile vomit! I am not sure when the last time was she has done that but it was a mess.

I was in the kitchen when I hear her gag. I walked into the room and she had the "look". About 2 seconds later the look turned into the act. So up we marched to the bath and made it out the door just in time! What a morning.

Makenzie wasn't done. About 5 minutes before the end of the service, in the arms of Erica, there was more, all over Erica, all over her, and all over me. What a morning!

The service was really good. The message was about praying with faith and about listening to God's answer.

We left church and headed to lunch. I had brought Makenzie's food but decided to wait until we got home so that I could give her some meds first.

Makenzie had lunch and dinner with no issues! I don't get it! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and I keep reminding myself that she is growing and healing more and more every day. That is what matters!

Some days this journey is so frustrating,

I found myself in bed laying next to Makenzie tonight with my hands over her as I do every night. praying for healing I started thinking about the message at church. Faith is prayer and making prayer a priority.

 I have really tried over the last 3 years to not ask God for specific aspects of healing for Makenzie. I just ask for healing and know that God has a plan and hears my pleas. God has given Makenzie so much healing but after this morning I found myself asking specifically for healing in Makenzie's gut. She is doing so well but there are still some hiccups that still make feeding frustrating.

I love Makenzie. She is so perfect and a blast to be around. I would LOVE for God to heal her completely tonight. Every once in a while I think about what I would do if Makenzie woke up tomorrow, walked down the stairs, and came up behind me and gave me a hug and told me good morning mommy... I love you! I truly believe it could happen. I believe God has that power! I would be OVERJOYED! I would also be OVERJOYED if Makenzie never ever had reflux or vomiting ever again! I will take full healing but complete healing in Makenzie gut would almost be just as wonderful!

Please pray with me for full healing in Makenzie! Pray for Gut healing. Whatever you do.....

Believe... Prayer Works!


Paula said...

I've been there with my daughter, Maddy! She was a chronic projectile vomiter though. She was finally scoped by GI and we found that she has something called Eosinophilic Esophagitis and severe Duodinitis. Basically, her body treats food as a foreign matter. She was given a G-tube (for drainage) and a J-tube for continuous feeding of a total elemental formula (predigested). Every once in awhile, she vomits, but it is not food as she is not fed through her stomach. Sometimes, I think it is a behavioral issue.

Praying that you find answers and resolution for Mackenzie's GI issues.

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