Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember and Reflect

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Sept 11, 2001 was just like any other Tues. I had packed the boys up in the car and we were on our way to bible study. When we got there I dropped the boys off at the nursery and headed down the hall. When I got there one of my friends asked if I had heard. Heard what? My jaw dropped when she told me what was going on.

We all huddled around the TV watching the first tower burn. As a group of women sat watching 9-11 unfold before our eyes we cried and prayed and cried some more.  I had no concept, at the time, of the ramifications of what had just happened but I was scared!

They grounded all the planes and the sky's were clear except for one plane that night. A plane my uncle flew across the country carrying blood to ground zero.

Over the next several days I tried to protect my many small children from seeing the horrible replays of the event that took so many lives. There was no getting away from it. Not that I wanted to pretend it hadn't happened but I just wasn't sure my boys could even begin to understand or handle seeing it. I wanted them to know ...or at least think they were safe.

We did talk about it. They talked about it at school and today they know the history of that day. That day may be history but it will never be forgotten.  Never!

Today I spent some time watching tributes to all men and women who lost their lives and the people who loved them. I prayed for them and for this country. Even 9 years later I can remember that day vividly and will always remember the people who lost their lives and those who continue to fight for our safety and freedom! Thank You!

Makenzie had a great day! Mommy had a great day. It was a great day! We rememberedand reflected, we spent time together and with friends, there was no puke, there was lots of smiles and laughter. It was a good day!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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