Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Fun Day

Mondays are still my favorite day! This Monday was exceptionally good.

The boys got of to school without any hitches. Makenzie and I hung out taking it slow. no therapy just her, I , and Elmo! Great times!

We made it to school.... late. What can I say!

I brought Makenzie down to the class and stay for about 10 minutes. I gathered what I saw in my memory and then headed home. I enjoyed the time alone but most of it was spent cleaning and doing laundry. As i wiped my kitchen down I problem solved school. I processed information I have received from all different perspectives. I decided that I will address one issue at a time.

So the first issue is planning. I have asked for this several time with no fruitful response. So when I went to pick Makenzie up from school I made my request very clear. I believe that with out a plan there will not be good progress. I want the team to communicate with each other frequently to all be on the same page with the "plan" and I want to see it in writing. Each and everything tied together with a purpose for forward progress in Makenzie's education. I will address continue to address this until I feel good about the "plan" and then move onto the next point of concern.

After school Makenzie had therapy and did amazing! She is getting so good at reaching for things and pulling them back to her. She is lifting her hand up to put it on top of the object. Amazing! In PT she was so loose and putting great weight into her elbows and shoulders. She is also getting so much better at tall kneel. She is responding so well to direction and is so very proud of herself when she does something  well.  I am so proud!

Then it was off to Chili's to support St Judes. We had a great meal. We colored Peppers, talked, ate, and just had a great time.

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Makenzie coloring her Pepper.

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Josh's Pepper! He has a heart of  gold.....his pepper says.,,,, "Help Cancer Don't let innocent kids die" What a great kid.

The kids are all tucked into bed I am getting ready to do the same!

Believe...Prayer Works!


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