Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Wait...I'll Show You!

Out of every type of therapy tool we have bought for Makenzie, hands down the iPad has been the best by far!

I wrote about the iPad here soon after we took it outof the box. Several months later it continues to get better and better.

When we started out I got Makenzie a bunch of apps like vocal zoo, magic piano, peek-a-boo-barn, and I love fireworks. All of these apps would run by a simple touch on any part of the screen. Makenzie loves them. She enjoys the sounds and the pictures and it was a great start.

Over the last week or so I have done a bit more app shopping. It's like a kid in a candy shop. I was looking for something that was still simple but demanded a bit more from Makenzie. Thanks to Babies with iPad's I found the app Baby Rattle. This app has a little sunshine that floats around the screen. When you touch it there is extra sound and the sunshine moves super fast. I didn't thik she could accually do it but I thought she would like the sound and action on the screen and maybe get lucky here and there.

Well, Makenzie showed me where I could take my lack of faith......

I was so proud. I posted the video on my face book page, twitter, and the babies with iPads face book page. Shortly after, I got a comment suggesting another app called Sparkabilities 2. Tonight I went back to the candy the app store... and bought it. It was a bit pricey at $4.99 but let me tell you.... really what Makenzie showed me tonight was PRICELESS!

Of course my camera battery was dead. I will get video soon but for tonight let me tell you that my daught knows at least 4 of her animals and what a circle is.

The menu allows you to pick from 4 shapes or 4 animals. Once you pick from the list it goes through a sequence of activies. Stating with making the face of the animal. Then to big and small, colors, moving on to counting forwards and backwards. After that it asks you to find the face on the screen. If you do not touch the face it dings at you, if you touch it the animal makes a noise and give you another animal to find all in differnt parts of the screen. Makenzie isolated the face every single time. Not to mention on the first time she had EVER seen this app. If you pick a shape it is a bit different but at the end it asks you to find the shape you picked. Makenzie picked the circle. When asked to touch the circle she found it immediatly! It even happened to be the farthest shape from her! WOW!!!

I have known my princess is very smart for a long time, but for her to be able to show me something concreat on the outside  is ...... well there are no words that could discribe how I feel tonight!

I am so proud of her. This was a little girl who could not do ANYTHING with her arms or hands a year ago. What is a bit ironic is the fact all of this movement and increased cognition has come after Makenzie recieved Stem Cell Therapy and ABM! If you ask Makenzie's therapists they will also give the same correlation. God brought us to Costa Rica, He placed the cells in the perfect places in Makenzie's body and mind, He provided great ABM pracitioners near and far, He made the iPad availible, God gave me the strength to endure it all, and tonight He showed me a huge miracle in Makenzie! God is oh so very good!



Paula said...

Amen! Amen! Amen! I am visiting your blog from the Babies With iPads Facebook page. I am so happy for you and your daughter! We just got an iPad today for our daughter's 10th birthday. Can't wait to try it out with her! I look forward to hearing more about your daughter!


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