Saturday, September 4, 2010

Itty Bitty

Run, Run, Run, Run! Most of my life is all about what needs to be done, lists, and priority. I never really have time for myself or to physically help others.

Last night I got the chance at both.

My friend Erica has 3 kids. One of them has CP. 12 weeks ago they welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family and shortly there after her husband went back to Iraq to finish his deployment. Needless to say Erica is tired. The baby is not a good sleeper and there is no relief.

So I offered to take care of the baby for the night. My boys were at their grandma's house and we wanted to go downtown today for the Taste of Colorado so we had a little sleep over. We got dinner, tucked the girls in, sat on the porch and had a few drinks. So nice!

When it was time to hit the sack we loaded the bedside with diapers, a paci, and bottles with formula. Morgan and I crawled into bed next to Makenzie and he drifted right to sleep in my arms. I laid there just staring at him. It has been forever since I have felt such peace. As I looked onto his ity bitty face I could see all of my babies, the ones that aren't so ity bitty anymore. It seems like a lifetime ago. A rush of memories filled my head. I cried tears of joy over the memories of my sweet babe's as I drifted to sleep as well!

Morgan began to stir around 4:00am. When I opened my eyes there he was safe in my arms. His eyes still shut routing for a boob. Yeah mine are out of order so I leaned over and carefully dumped 2 scoops of formula in. Bottle to lip, equals a happy baby other then need to burp. Well , that burp woke Makenzie.

I could tell immediately by the look in her eyes that going back to sleep was not going to happen so we headed downstairs and the bright hour of 4:30am. I settle Morgan with a paci in his swing and soon he was sound asleep again. It was just Makenzie and I laying together on the couch. The sandman was still calling my name so I turned on some cartoons and she watched.... I slept.

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Erica got to sleep until almost 10am! I loved being able to give her the gift of rest but really I got the best gift. My spirit is renewed. I don't even mind the fact that I feel a bit tired because I have a renewed love for my kids. I was given the gift of memories I haven't had time to dig up since Makenzie's accident. They were all that small once and the love that I have for them has changed as they have grown up but it is still just as intense as it was the day they were born!

The even cooler thing is that our family will be 3 itty bitty babies larger by the end of the year!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!

We are off to our big downtown adventure!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Paula said...

What a wonderful friend you are!

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