Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fear Not.... Update


Makenzie slept ALL night! I laid her down at 7pm and she did not wake up one time until 7am this morning! Yeah!!!! Thanks for the prayers!


I remember 3 years ago very clearly after a night light last night.

When I walked up stairs to start Makenzie's water and found her wide awake I sighed and set the water down. (she doesn't do well with water while she is awake but has no issues with is at a very high rate while she is asleep... I don't get it but oh well!) When I climbed in bed with her I had no intention of falling asleep but that is just what happened. Then when I woken up I was in a panic. I hadn't started her water! Then I rolled over and she was awake. I asked myself if she had slept at all. I was concerned. What the heck was going on. This wasn't like my girl.

As I rocked he to sleep I began to think about these kinds of nights 3 years ago. There were MANY of them. Probably more then there were not. I remember calling the doctor, calling the hospital, praying, and loosing so much sleep.

So much has changed. Yes, I was curious about what was going on with Makenzie. I was a little panicked about the water issue but  there is no utter fear anymore. I took it in stride. I know now the sun will rise and our day may look different then I had planned but in the end Makenzie will be ok.

So today Makenzie slept in until almost 10:00am. I was not about to wake her up! We played hooky from school which made me giggle after what happened on Friday. She got ALL of her water and most of her food. She has been super happy all day and I so feel good about the fact we have both come so far! I am so happy the day's of yesterday are just that, yesterday. Even though I am still an over paranoid, over protective mommy I do not live in constant debilitating fear! This is such a gift!

Together we cleaned up a bit. Had Speech therapy and OT, rocked out to some Train, and had our first nanny interview!

I am getting ready to do the bedtime thing with Makenzie. She just finished dinner and has been sitting in her chair yawning. I think that is a good sign! I hope! Please pray for rest. Pray that lask night was just a fluke and for a better night tonight!

Tomorrow we will be back at school. Makenzie's OT will be joining us to give everyone there some extra ideas. I will also be meeting with the principle to form a transition plan. Lets just say I am not looking forward to this at all! At least I can be prepared unlike the last conversation I had on this topic. Oh, and please pray for the poor principle who has to deal with me in the morning! He will need ALL the prayers he can get! LOL

On a side not here is a short clip of how spoiled Auntie Pam has made little Morgan! He is growing up so fast! Sorry about the sideways action but I have yet to figure out how to mount my phone to the computer to flip it.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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