Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You See What I See?

We have been many places over the last 3 years.

There has been a lot of healing over the past 3 years.

Every time God has led us to different parts of the country I have always felt so much good has come out of each and every trip. Sometimes it has been in very different ways then I could have ever expected!

Yesterday I got the most wonderful call from my good friend Michelle who I visited this summer.

It all started in July when we headed to AZ for ABM.  We had been referred to Michelle Turner, an ABM practitioner in the Phoenix metro area.

Michelle Turner has 2 beautiful boys. I was so excited for her to work with Makenzie because she was a mom and understood what it was like to have children with special needs. Turns out her boys have had similar gut issues as my friend Michelle's son DJ.

We spent a lot of time with Michelle Turner that week. While talking about her boy's needs one day out came a  magic word... IVIG. This is a treatment I have learned a lot about  as DJ has been receiving it every month for almost 2 years in Phoenix 3 hours from their home. Most of this very pricey treatment  has also been paid for out of pocket by his family.

I dug a bit deeper knowing how taxing this treatment has been for my friend. I found out Michelle Turner takes her kids to a doctor who could get the IVIG infusions covered 100% through insurance and even better, it could be administered in the home. I was so excited.

As Michelle and I talked about the possibility of not having to travel or pay for this expensive treatment anymore the excitement bubbled up. However, we didn't let it spill over because there was still the hurdle of getting a referral to the doctor, getting the doctor to agree to  treatment, and then getting the insurance to  to pay for it. So no one was getting too excited yet.

Yesterday it was finished. The treatment which was costing my friend's family over $2000 a month will be administered to her son in their home, 100% covered by insurance! God is so good!

I tell you all of this because it is so overwhelming too be able to  look back and see God's power and plan. If we hadn't gone to AZ for therapy none of these connections would have been made. My friend would still be making the trek 3 hours into Phoenix every month to dish out more money on one drug then a whole mortgage for most people.

I  love being able to see the bigger picture. It is so humbling to see how our tragedy and journey has touched the lives of so many others. Maybe our trip to AZ wasn't about all Makenzie but boy was it ever worth it! Pretty amazing stuff!

On a side note..... we are still working on the school stuff. Tomorrow we are meeting once again with the principle. The plan is for Makenzie to attend school by herself on Monday. As long as we are all on the same page with Makenzie's health plan and a few other concerns I still have, I am ok with this. I will continue to drop in at my leisure to make sure they are moving forward with Makenzie but I think we are getting close.

Keep Praying for MIRACLES!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Bunny said...

Pam, just want to thank you for posting Michelle's card on your blog! She is amazing and it was because of you that we found her for my grandson, Lorenzo. Who before we started with her/ABM at the end of July was rolling, is now crawling, is standing against furniture (and bearing weight on his feet - something he had never done) and took steps while holding her hand on Monday! Thank you, and Michelle! So happy to hear her good news!

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