Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Back to school we went today. After a long 3 day weekend it was really hard to get moving again this morning.

Makenzie had PT before school and she is doing so well. Her hips are looking wonderful. Makenzie has been letting her PT shift her weight in all different directions without flexing or extending. She is able to keep her hands above her head and was evening bending them to let weight into her elbows and shoulders all by herself. This is huge stuff! She is so very proud and so am I!

At school today we continued to work on modifying the classroom activities so that Makenzie can participate and learn the material all at the same time. The class has made it to the number 3 and Makenzie showed us by pointing, eye gaze and smile that she knew all three of these numbers and was even able to match the correct number in several of the spots on the worksheet where you count the pictures and then put the correct number. GO MAKENZIE!!

After lunch it was time for OT.  Her Ot and I started talking and she showed me what Makenzie and her have been working a lot on lately.....Makenzie's yes and no response. She asked Makenzie to show me yes an no and she did over and over and over! Makenzie is getting so good at communicating and showing us what she knows. She has made so many improvements in the last couple months. I just love days like today which remind me of how smart Makenzie is and how much healing she has received!

After all the hard work this morning Makenzie and I laid down on the couch to cuddle and we BOTH fell asleep! I am not sure Makenzie has EVER fallen asleep on the couch. Normally she is a, has to be completely dark, fan has to be on, and weighted blanket must be covering legs, kind of girl before she will fall asleep! It was a nice treat. Makenzie must have been worn out because she still went to bed at 7pm tonight!

What a day! I pray tomorrow is just as good!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


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