Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1,2,3,4 Peek-A-Boo

A couple of nights ago my friend called. She wanted to know if she could feed her son Neocate (elemental formula) because she had left his formula that she uses on occasion to supplement breastfeeding. I didn't see why not and told her where to find the mixing directions for 20k kals per ounce.

Thirty minutes later she called again. The first thing she said was.... "you have got to get Makenzie off of that formula!"

" I know... but why? I asked back.

" Morgan puked..... he puked it all up!"

I told her my dilemma about replacing the calories from the formula and she jokingly answered...."just give her a twinkie or two... every 5 year old eats that stuff!"

Yeah well I am not going to blend up a twinkie but it sure did get me thinking. So this morning I made some fresh almond milk. It has a ton of calories and was super easy.
instead of the formula I assed in the milk and guess what........ today went WONDERFUL! Still a bit of reflux but nothing compared to usual!

I am going to try this for the next few days and if she continues to do well I am going to try coconut milk, and sesame milk as well. Both have a good amount of calories and it will fit into Makenzie's rotating diet.

Then it was time for PT and once again Makenzie worked so hard and looked so good!

We headed off to school and had a great day. Makenzie is still doing super well and she LOVES being there. All of the kids in her class love her and although it does not surprise me it still makes my heart sing. Today I brought her walker into class and we tried it on the playground.  She had 4 little girls standing all around just cheering her on! LOVE it! These moments are why I have fought so hard for this school thing to work! Makenzie is so smart and so social.... school is the perfect place for her to grow!

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We are still ironing out all of the integration stuff but her teacher is AMAZING, her aide is AMAZING and so willing to learn, and the specialists believe in her and are working so hard to help Makenzie show us more and more every day how smart she truly is!

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After school we ran home, had lunch, and loaded back into the car. We got the emissions done on the van and then raced to round two of PT. Once again AMAZING! She was reaching while sitting on a bolster, and playing peek-a-boo with me while in all fours! WOW!!!


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Back to the car we went. Now we were off for part two of getting license plates.... the DMV!!! YUCK!!! It wasn't horrible. We handled our business and withing 30 mins of walking in the door we were done and back in the car again.

As if that wasn't a full enough day when we got home Morgan and his sister were waiting for us so that their mommy could attend a wedding. While Makenzie was eating dinner and Morgan was sleeping I managed to get dinner cooked, 2 loads of laundry sorted and put away. After an assembly line diaper change Makenzie was off to bed, Morgan and Emily were headed home, the boys were watching a movie, and I was sitting down..... oh wait nope not yet.... I was cleaning the kitchen.... again!

But none of that mattered because I got Morgan to belly laugh for me again! Have I mentioned how much I love this baby!

It was a very full day to say the very least but it was one of the better days I have had in a while! I prayed for another good one and boy did I get it! I  also asked for gut healing and I think we are on our way! Please keep praying for Makenzie's gut! Pray, Pray, Pray!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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