Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thank You

Jeremiah 15:20 says, For your adversary who comes to fight against you will not prevail for I am with you and I will fight for you says the Lord. Not only is the battle the Lord's but He says, "Let me step in." You and I are in Christ, and in Christ means nothing that comes against me can defeat me because nothing can defeat Jesus Christ. That's why you can be confident and say, Bring it on" because Jesus has already won your victory.

This quote was sent by a good friend of mine out of a devotional a few days ago whilst I was having a rough day. It is so nice to have friends to pick you up when you are frustrated.

We had a great day. This morning we grilled meat and plated food in preparation for Phoenix. This afternoon we took the kids bowling and had a blast!

Here is what happens when we all get in the car together........

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This eveningI have been a bit of a mess. We are leaving on Monday. Tomorrow my friend is taking my oldest son, her daughter, and 8 bunnies 4 hours away into California to go to a rabbit show and they will not be home until sometime in weeeee hours on Sunday morning at which point we will load the car and head back to Phoenix. I am sad. Once again I will be hundreds of miles away from my friend. Most of the feelings remain unspoken because it would turn into one big melt down. Not so cool.

Of course there are plans in the works for our next meeting which I am hoping will be a whole group of us. We are hoping to meet up in the mountains so  our kiddos  can try out the special programs some of the ski resort offer. I hope it happens because it would be a BLAST!

We also already tentative plans for a trip to CA next summer to stay with another friend and do the Disney, beach, Hollywood, tourist thing. Can't wait!

These special people.... even though they all live hundreds of miles away and some I have never even met in person keep me going. Make life so much sweeter. I have always had friends but in the last 3 years I have learned how truly important and special these relationships are.

The amazing people I have met on the world wide web. The uplifting comments you all leave. The prayers you pray. The emails you send. You are all amazing! I cherish each and every single one! Thank You ALL for continuing to stand with us! I appreciate it all more then you  could ever know!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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