Monday, August 23, 2010

School Fever!

This morning I got a call from a friend at about 9am. The first thing she said in a very excited voice was.....


I paused a bit confused and then she went on....

You survived another summer!

Why yes, yes I did!

I love my kids and summer is a lot of fun but by the end I am very excited for school to start!

All of the kids had a great day!

Makenzie and I went to the school this morning and talked to her teacher for about 2 hours. I am very excited. The teacher she will has is the same teacher all of my boys had for kindergarten. She knew Makenzie before the accident and was my youngest sons teacher at the time of Makenzie's accident. To say she knows my family would be an understatement.

When approached with making a decision about where we were going to send Makenzie to school this year I was very unsure. Did we need to go look at programs all over the district? Did we interview professional after professional in an effort to find just the right people to work with Makenzie or did we just send her to the school that is 2 blocks from the house. The same school my boys have all attended since kindergarten.

At the end of the school year I made my first decision. She would go to our neighborhood school. Then when I found out that the teacher I wanted only worked in the morning I had to figure out if I would try to change all of Makenzie's therapies around in order make the morning class work. After talking to my friend in depth about this while in AZ I decided I would reorganize life and began the countless phone calls. As of last week I have been able to work out ALL of Makenzie's therapies at times that will work. That is a miracle!

Today confirmed all of the hard work in making this work was sooooo worth it! This is going to be great year for Makenzie. Her new teacher has so GREAT ideas and believes in Makenzie! I can tell she will put a great amount of effort into Makenzie and her education. Did I mention how excited I am!

Now all that is left is to meet the aid they have hired for Makenzie. This is also very important as this aid will be with Makenzie every moment she is at school! Please pray that this person is a good fit for Makenzie and will love her and believe in her as much as I do! (Ok I know that is not really possible but ya know.... as close to as much as I love her as possible!)

So one more day of summer for Makenzie and then my baby will be in Kindergarten! WOW!!! How did that happen?

Believe... Prayer Works!


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