Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rockin and Rollin

Being at sea level really brings out the best in Makenzie. Every time we have gone out of town for therapy or other wise we have ended up at sea level or pretty dang close. I always see really cool stuff that seems to some what disappear when we get home.

I have seriously thought about moving to the land of no altitude. I have REALLY considered it. It will NEVER happen. My home state offers me too much in services and income. Makenzie has GREAT therapists and my whole family is here.

I talked to both Makenzie's rehab doctor and her PT about my thoughts on this subject. Her PT has seen first hand the differences. Not only has she worked with Makenzie when we have returned home but also when we have been at sea level. The consensus is at some point Makenzie's body would adjust and there would be no real difference in the end.

We have now been at sea level for over 2 weeks. Tonight Makenzie rolled from her left side (the hard side for Makenzie), to her back, onto her right side, straight onto her stomach, and back over to her left side 10 consecutive times tonight! I you didn't get that the first time..... Makenzie rolled completely over 10 times tonight....in a row..... all the way around the room. It took a bit of coaxing here and there but she did it. She laughed,  pushed with her hands, turned her head, and was so incredibly proud every single time! Her mommy was just as proud!

Now I pray the rolling stays. I pray that it is God through  ABM, stem cells, or what ever, just as long as it stays! So much fun to see Makenzie move. To make ground in a forward direction. AMAZING! I am pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats.

Please pray that when we get Makenzie continues to make prgress with rolling!. Pray Makenzie will continue to be just as excited to move and roll at home as she is here!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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