Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pump Dump

The last 24 hours have been interesting in the feeding department. Tube feeding a child is fairly simple if all of your equipment is working right.

Yesterday morning started out with me making formula. I got everything more or less blended when by blender started to sound funny. I turned it of and began to pick it up when the whole bottom fell out! GREAT! There was green goulash everywhere. My heart sank. I am far from home and the thought of the means I use to make Makenzie's food being broken made me terrified! I salvaged what I could rinsed it out and thankfully was able to put it all back together.... good as new.

I mixed up some more formula and the rest of the day went without a hitch.

Then last night as I was getting ready to crawl in bed I gave Makenzie her reflux medicine. 2 minutes later her pump was beeping. The meds where stuck. The tube was clogged and even after many attempts to get the medicine out it was a no go. It is now after 1am and Makenzie is wide awake smiling up at me. Just Great!

I got a new tube, put Makenzie back to sleep, started the pump and got up this morning to a full bag of water. That's not good. It was running but nothing got pumped out.

I got out the pedialite and dumped out half of Makenzie's formula in attempts to make sure she did not get dehydrated. I started the pump and went to pack. I was in and out of the room for about 20 minutes and came back to find that once again the pump was not pumping. I am now getting pissed because when I primed the pump it pumped just fine! I picked up the pump to it flashing "dose done" but no alarm.

So I fixed that. Restarted the pump and Makenzies started to gag and choke. The water had made her food to thin. Geez! So I dumped it, re primed it with her regular thick formula and I think we have finally made it through breakfast. It is 11:28am! I started this at 8am.... it should take 1 hour!

Our bags are almost packed. We will be heading 3 hours back to Phoenix after we have fed all the kids, and loaded the car. We leave tomorrow late afternoon for home.

Please pray for a safe drive. Pray for a safe flight tomorrow. Pray that Makenzie's feeding supplies work today because I think my hair is falling out from all of the resent issues!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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