Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Procrastination Hyperventilation

We are getting there!

Makenzie woke up all by herself this morning at 7:45am. She was fed and ready for therapy by 9am and went to bed tonight at 7:45pm. I really thought I had a bigger battle on my hands but getting back into the school routine seems to be going better then planned.

Have I ever mentioned that I perform best under pressure? I like to save things for the very last minute, scurry around, get stressed, scurry around some more, and in the end get everything done.

That has been my week. I knew I had a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow as the kids start school and we will be out of commission for the rest of the week with family. Well none of it got done and today if you came over before about 1pm you would have found me and my girl still in our pajamas.

Did I mention I had a ton to do.

After lunch we scurried. To the bank, to the shoe store, to the pet store, to lunch, and to target to fill a prescription. Then it was home for dinner, laundry, plating food, picking up, and the list goes on. I still have 3 stores, packing, and three and a half hours of appointments to get in before 2pm tomorrow when we leave for a family reunion. Ya know what.... I will get it done... that is just how I roll.

Here is the start to my packing......

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At least Makenzie will eat...... not sure about the rest of us but food is over rated anyways!

Maybe the last 3 years has taught me this style. Maybe having to improvise around every corner make one really good at last minute planning.... who knows.

Makenzie had a REALLY great day! She did amazing in therapy. Makenzie had a grand total of 3 reflux episodes.... ALL DAY! I am one happy mommy tonight!

Tomorrow we have a seating appointment, PT, and speech. Then we are off for one last summer hurrah. We will be getting together with my mothers whole side of the family for a little much needed family gathering. As much as I have been dragging my feet....I am excited to be together with family. Please pray for safety and fun! I am not sure if we will be near Internet service so if I am missing for a few day I apologize in advance!

Well off to bed I go...tomorrow I will be inching the get up time a bit earlier again.

Believe... Prayer Works


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