Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Guide

Michelle was in the kitchen this evening making 10 dozen muffins with no food. The boys were hungry so I offered to head out to get the brood some dinner.

I walked out the door with the keys to the van, Makenzie, her bag, and my GPS. I was set! I drove about 3 minutes down the road and a few turns later before I realized I knew where I was going but had no clue how to get back. There was no return address in the GPS and lucky for me I had left my cell phone at the house.

I don't know about you but I don't know any ones phone numbers as they are all stored in my phone book on my phone that was sitting on the table at the house to which I had no address. oops!

My stomach sank. Was I lost? Could I find my way back home? If I couldn't what would I do then?

This feeling lasted until I pulled into a gas station parking lot, looked down and saw Michelle's GPS. I turned it on, plugged it in and prayed  she had stored her address where I could find it. Much to my relief there it was! I wasn't lost! I had a guide.

Sometimes this journey of special needs parenting feels that way sometimes. Sometimes I feel lost, my stomach sinks, I don't know what I am going to do. I want to fix my daughter but I don't know the way. There are so many questions that simply don't have answers and a lot of the time the doctors are of no help. They don't know where to go other then some surgery or a new medicine but still there is no fix.

Today my friend Heather and her husband Bart buried her daughter. I have heard the service was AMAZING and really how could it have not been. I am heart broken that I wasn't there. I wanted to be a part of celebrating Samantha but I am sure they know I was there in spirit. Sam is dancing with Jesus. Her body and spirit are whole. Fly high baby girl!

With that said we are never lost. Even when the road is rough we have a guide. There is hope and peace in this life even when we think there is no way to find our way back home. If we just trust in God's plan for our life there is nothing more we can do but live and do it well. We can laugh and love and He will lead us home!

Sam here are some laughs to you from Makenzie! We love you and miss you! Heather and Bart... we are still here and thinking about and praying for you!

Believe... Prayer Works

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There is no picture because I was TRYING to put Makenzie to sleep so it was dark. She kept kicking me and then she would laugh hysterically. I couldn't help but egg her on because it was so dang cute. This video was taken after about 10 mins of belly laughing so she was a bit more somber at this point but it just made my heart sing!


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