Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In the last weeks of pregnancy a woman can be found doing some strange things. Nesting is one of those. Everything has to be in a certain place. The house has to be clean. The baby stuff has to be put together and organized. The fatigue of the last 9 months seems to just disappear and is replaced by a surge of energy to get everything done.

That is how I have felt lately..... and no I am most defiantly NOT pregnant. I know many people who are but I am not one of them.

Today my "nesting" consisted of cleaning out the fridge and the freezer, taking my whole pantry apart. Putting down liner and then putting it all back in nice and organized. I did the same thing to my spice/catch all cupboard and let me tell you how good it feels to open up the doors to each and not have something fall on top of me!

I have no clue where this energy is coming from but I am not going to complain. My goal is to clean out at least one cluttered area of my home a day until I have gotten rid of all of the stuff I do not need. I am sure I will still be working on this at Christmas but that is ok.

Other then that today was a great day!. Makenzie did WONDERFUL in PT. He shoulders are looser then they have ever been. She is taking weight in the right places and using her protective response much quicker!

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We got up this morning as if she was going to school and she did great! Her feeds went well and she was so alert and attentive.

Tonight Makenzie got to bed just before 7pm. She is really going to school tomorrow! The first day of KINDERGARTEN! WOW!!! I am so excited for her.

Please pray that Makenzie has a super good first day of big kid school! I can't believe she is a big kid now! Makes me want to "nest"!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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