Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Breath

I sat on my porch this morning enjoying the beautiful weather the end of summer brings. There is a nip in the air. The birds are still singing and I can breath. While I take a short break Makenzie is in the house with her PT. I can hear her giggle and the playful songs reach the porch. I smile. Every once in a while I am summoned to come and see how amazing my daughter is.

As the minutes tick away the garage door opens across the street and a backpack clad little boy about Makenzie's size strolls out followed my his mom and baby sister in her umbrella stroller. They are off to school.... kindergarden.... the same class as Makenzie. I watch them walk down the street until I can no longer see the backpack clad boy with the blue shark crocs proudly worn by little Mr. and wonder why I do not know them.

I head back in to kiss my 4th grader good bye and he heads out to school as well. I watch him until he crosses the street meeting up with his buddies and turns the corner.

Now Makenzie's therapy session is coming to an end. We have been up since 5:45am. Makenzie has eaten. I have fed the boys, gotten everyone dressed, done hair, dishes, a load of laundry, kissed 3 little men goodbye for the day and now it is Makenzie's turn.

As we say our last goodbyes to the PT I do one more diaper change for good measure, put on Makenzie's twinkle Toe shoes, grab her Hello Kitty back pack, and we load into the car. We are late. Well, on time in Makenzie land but who is counting.

We drive the whole 2 blocks to the school, I get out of the car to move the cone which is blocking access to the handicap parking spaces pull into the spot and we run into school.

Once there we see our cute little neighbor boy in the shark crocks. By day 2 I have now memorized his name. The kids are in P.E. class and when we get to the gym the everyone getting a tour of all the cool stuff they will be doing this year and yet another set of rules. Makenzie loves playing in the water fountain when it is her turn to get a "drink". I am sure that is breaking some rule somewhere but we are rule breakers what can I say.

As we follow the pack back to the class room it is now book and craft time. Makensie sits completely and utterly still for the entire book. Looking at the pictures and taking in every word of the story. We make a paper bag puppet and use finger paints instead of crayons.

Every kids favorite part of the day is now upon us.... RECESS! Today unlike yesterday a beautiful little girl asks to play with Makenzie. Music to mommmy's ears! It is hot and I am sweating but Makenzie LOVES it. We chase her new friend around until this mommy could chase no more.

Back inside and on to learning the number 1. Much to my surprise Makenzie makes lines all by herself when asked to draw a 1. Makenzie colors a bit and writes her name again and with this it is already time to go home. We rush back to the van and home to eat lunch before OT and speech therapy.

The boys begin arriving home just as Makenzie finishes therapy and our crazy schedule now says it is time for snack, homework, chores, dinner for all, baths, more dishes and laundry, tucking 4 kids into bed, making formula, more dishes, and once again at 9:30pm it is once again time to breath. This time in the dark on the porch. There is a nip in the air, now the crickets are chirping and the birds have gone to bed, the stars and moon glisten in the sky and I can breath.

I look at the house down the street. The gray and maroon house sits quiet and dark. I picture the little blue shark crocs waiting by the front door for the morning to come again. Then I realize why I don't know Little Mr. and his family.....

I keep waiting for life to slow down. I guess I will keep waiting patiently! Until then I try to smell as many roses as I can. I relish in my kids and enjoy the busy knowing that in the blink of an eye my kids will be all grown up and I will wish to be busy once again!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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