Monday, August 9, 2010


We are home!

It feels good and bad at the same time because being home means my friends is once again hundreds of miles away.

Once again it has been a LONG 24 hours.

We left Michelle's house yesterday afternoon for our 3 hours drive back into Phoenix. We stopped about two thirds of the way there to get some lunch and finished our drive. Over all the ride went very well but when I got Makenzie out of the car she was burning up. She didn't have a fever at lunch but an hour later she was SO hot.

I gave her some Motrin and fluids and she perked up. I talked to her doctor, fed her dinner, and laid her down to bed. That was a no go. I gave her some more Motrin hoping that would help and 2 minutes later she was vomiting.

Makenzie has impeccable timing! We were getting on an airplane in less then 15 hours and she is super sick! I decided to take her in because I didn't want to travel if she was having any kind of lung issues.

After 2 hours at about 12:30am we were on our way with good vitals, great sounding lungs, some more Motrin, and Zofran. I felt better. Really I just wanted to finish off my trip with a visit to Phoenix Children's! Ha Ha!

Makenzie was still febrile this morning but after more Motrin she was good to go. We made it home about 6:30pm. I got unpacked, threw in a load of laundry, fed the boys, and got everyone to bed. Now if the boys would actually go to sleep I would be really happy!

I am tired. I am ready to go back on vacation. Please pray that Makenzie feels better in the morning. If her fever is not gone we will be heading to the doctors.

Believe... Prayer Works!


ferfischer said...

Welcome home! Hope M is feeling better soon - seems like there's a bit of a summer cold going around everywhere!

gillian said...

Hi - just outting myself, as I've followed your journey with Makenzie for a couple of weeks. I stumbled across your blog when searching for brain injury recovery info. My little girl's on a miraculous journey too - so we have something in common!
Makenzie is a sweetiepie - and it sounds like she's been making some incredible gains.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

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