Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Baby Belly Laughs...Priceless!

What a day, what a day!

This morning started out with me jumping out of bed at shortly after 7am. I needed to be up at 6 to feed Makenzie! I wondered why my alarm clock hardened gone of but upon further inspection it was only set go go off Monday-Friday.... oops! I sure hate user error!

I got Makenzie fed in record time and then it was time to herd the boys out the door and head to the bridal shop to look at bridesmaid dresses for one of my good friends wedding! We had a great time and she picked out a BEAUTIFUL dress! Her drees is even more beautiful! I watched them tie it all up trying to take it all on because some how this not so girly girl is supposed to help with this process of lacing and tying bows on the wedding day! Oh boy!

We had a wonderful lunch afterwords and I really got to enjoy time out with old friends and new.

It was then time to have lunch and for mammy to take nap in preparation for baby sitting this evening!

About 5pm, it was me against the world.... ok maybe just me against 7 kids, 2 with cp 7 and 5, two 9 year old, an 11 year old, a 13 year old, a 11 week old baby (Morgan), plus half of the neighbor hood but really who is counting! Once my friend left I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into but really everything went stunningly well. Right now the big kids are watching a movie half of them are asleep, Makenzie and the baby are sleeping soundly, and all is quiet! Hows that for being a baby whisperer?!

Early in the evening Morgan and I were sitting on the couch. I was tickling him and he was just cooing away at me. Then all of the sudden he let out a huge belly laugh! Then he did it again and again. I got the third one on video.

When my friend called to see how the baby was doing I asked her if Morgan had ever laughed. Her answer was .... no, why? Then I had to break the news to her. "he has been belly laughing!" Then she started yelling at me and threatened to come home! LOL! He didn't do it again tonight and Erica stayed out which is good because coming home would have been all of not.

So I have a video on my phone which I have been trying to upload onto youtube for the last 2 hours so that his daddy, who is in Iraq with the army, can see his lil man giggle. I guess my phone does not like my wireless router but slowly it is uploading!

I just put the baby down! It was so much fun to cuddle up next to him. To watch his little eyes close as his belly filled up. I stared and just relished in his beauty! I love babies! I now find everything they do so stunning because of what Makenzie has been through! Each and every little thing is such a miracle!

It is now past 11pm. I still need to make formula so I can get to bed! So much for a relaxing Saturday! That is ok though because I had a REALLY great day! Thanks Susan for the dress party and lunch and Erica for sharing your kiddos with me!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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