Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dream Big

Makenzie is all better!

It is so hard and incredibly stressful when she doesn't feel good but the other side of sick feels oh so good! Thank You for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Today we were back to normal....what ever that is for the first time in over 3 weeks. Makenzie had PT and OT, the boys played with the neighborhood kids for most of the day, I got to hang out with my favorite baby and his big sister while their mommy took her oldest school shopping, I put pinkish streaks in Makenzie's hair, and did all the fun daily duties of running a home amidst the chaos!

Yeah, did you catch that.... pink streaks.... Makenzie's hair.... you read it right.

My friend came home and declared she was putting pink highlights in her daughters hair. FUN! So we joined in the fun. It was so awesome to do something that felt so normal. So girly. The cool thing about it is that Makenzie was so excited! I asked her if she wanted pink in her hair and she got this huge smile on her face and made her "yeah' sound. Then she preceded to sit fairly still and smiled the whole time she was getting her streaks. If you know anything about Makenzie touching her hair is a huge fight everytime! She normal screams, and complain the whole time so smiles was a bit unexpected!

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We did not go crazy and bleach her hair first so it is pretty subtle and it will wash out with in a couple of weeks but it was fun non the less!

One of the first things I remember saying after Makenzie's accident was that she was my only girl. I was devastated. I had big plans to throw big girly sleep overs, get our nails done together, walk on the beach in foreign countries together, take her to see Disney Princesse's on Ice... ya know all the girl stuff.

In the days, weeks, months, and years after her accident I continued to be over come with sadness about this. However, even though Makenzie still doesn't walk, sit, or talk she has so much personality. She has been doing a great job telling us what she likes and what she wants to do. She gets excited when I ask her if she wants to got to the pool, for a walk, to the park....... I bought her a new backpack for school the other day. It has Hello Kity on the front. You should have seen the look on her face when I asked her if she wanted to buy the backpack to take with her to school. It was priceless!

So to make a long story short I feel less sad about losing my girly mommy and daughter dreams because they are FAR from lost! I have big plans for that manicure, we will go to Disney on Ice because Makenzie will LOVE it, walking on the beach... yeah we have done that and I am sure will do a lot more of that.

There is light at the end of this tunnel! God is good. There is hope. Life is oh so good even if it is chaos!

Tomorrow we are heading to the amusement park! One of Makenzie's favorite places! My youngest son told me that he was going to ride the big roller coasters this year. Any bets on whether or not he really will?

Believe... Prayer Works!


Nikki Cupcake said...

AW pink hair is awesome!

dying hair any color that isn't "normal" is so liberating

Ericalynn said...

Makenzie is SO beautiful. What a pretty smile!!

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