Friday, August 27, 2010

Chicka Boom

Today was another good day. Makenzie and I went to school again. I am tired. So tired that I solicited my children and my neighborhood children to clean my house in exchange for a sleep over. That is how bad I didn't want to do it but that is how the world works.... you work and then get paid right? Tonight the payment was extra time with friends!

The above video is the book Makenzie heard in class today. After they read the book they Made a project with a coconut tree and some letters. The ILC teacher brought in some special scissors and Makenzie did GREAT! She also did a good job of writing her name, coloring a glueing. Even though the project was all done hand over hand Makenzie had a part in every single piece of it!

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WE still do not have an aid. There is one hired but has not been completely cleared so until that happens the ILC teacher will be hanging out with Makenzie. As soon as the aid can work I will train her and then I hope to be able to leave her at school in complete confidence that she will be safe, have fun, and learn all that she can. It has been a GREAT start to the year!


Tomorrow is going to be busy...... again!

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