Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blended Bliss

I have had 4 children. All four of my children where breastfed. Most of them for almost a year and a half. Sorry if that is TMI.  On March 25th 2007 Makenzie had just been weaned and was finally drinking milk and eating table food. After her accident when they began to feed her I didn't really give it much thought as to what they were feeding her. There was a few to many other things that I was worried about like her breathing, organ function, brain function, and general recovery.

Then the day of her upper GI she began to vomit nearly every feed and continued doing so until I inquired about the GJ tube and shortly there after it was placed.  It was then that I started thinking about what it was I the hospital was feeding her. I hated the idea of her being on formula when I had worked so hard to nurse my kids for oh so long.

For over 2 years I tried numerous different formulas and I made my own formula. I worked with a homeopathic doctor on the east coast, I had Makenzie tested for allergies and delayed allergies, I searched for a bio chemist to formulate something based on her restrictions. I shed MAY tears.

Makenzie was declared failure to thrive because she weighed 19lbs for about 9 months not gaining or loosing. Vomitting EVERYTHING.

I have been working on a blended diet since Makenzie went back to her G tube in April. I am getting there. I have got it down to a volume she with tolerate and enough calories. Her diet is free of casein, lactose, dairy, gluten, soy, and corn. She is getting lamb, turkey, bison, salmon, pork, and mahi-mahi. I buy most of this ground, burger it, and grill it. Freeze it, thaw it, and pulverize it in my Vitamix blender. She is also getting tons of fresh fruits, veggies, and gluten free grains and starches. Other then the meat all of it can go into the blender fresh and uncooked with all of the nutrients in tact!

I feel MUCH better about this diet even if she is still spitting up a bit. It is whole foods. Everything can be rotated so that her body get variety. It is much more healthy for her then a can of processed glorified ice cream in which the first ingredient even before water is some kind of chemically made sugar.

This has been a process. Makenzie is still getting a bit of formula for calorie and mineral sake. I am in the process of trying multi vitamins to see if she will tolerate them. Many make Makenzie sick. When I figure that out I will be so happy!

If you are a special needs parent and would like to try a blended diet go for it. It was a bit overwhelming at first but so worth it in the end. If at all possible start by getting a Vitamix Blender. With a doctors note you can get a nice discount. I have some other blended food links as well but at the moment they have gotten lost somewhere on my computer. If you would like them please send me an email or leave a comment and i will get them to you.

I think out of everything that has happened in the last 3 years this issue has been the hardest to deal with. It has taken more of my time and energy but I trust that one day I will look back on this post and be amazed because it will be a non issue! I hope that day comes sooner then later but I can wait. Makenzie is healthy and happy and that is what matters!

Pray for healing!

Believe... Prayer Works!  


Heather said...

This post came at just the right time!My good friend linked me to you and well,I am just starting out and a bit overwhelmed.

Zoey was an oral feeder, as well as she nursed and then seizures and leukemia put an end to that.I joined the yahoo group but have yet to really figure things out.I think I need to just jump right in and see where it leads.Anything has got to be better than this.

Thank you again and any links you might have I would so appreciate.

I will be back.I really want to read up on your miracle girl.She certainly is darling!

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