Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Days

Well, it only took 5 total days of one or more of my kids being in school for two of my kids to get sick. My oldest came down with a cold on Weds. and yesterday Makenzie caught the cold! Yippy! 3 half days of school! 3.... and we already have a cold!

Makenzie is doing well except for a whole bunch of congestion. She had a hard time sleeping because she couldn't breath but mommy came to the rescue. I hate it when my kids gets sick but there is something so special about cuddling in the rocking chair late at night. Rocking and singing. We sat in that chair for a bit over an hour. I slowly got some medicine into Makenzie in order to make her a bit more comfortable.

It is a process. First it is Zofran for upset stomach. Congestion makes Makenzie nauseous. Then we wait for that to kick in and on we move to a decongestant. As soon as that kicks in and Makenzie seems clearer it is time for the Mortrin to take away any type of pain. It is a slow processes but it is one that works. Makenzie slept for the rest of the night waking up about 9am this morning with a huge smile on her face.

Right now she is eating breakfast and it seem to be going well. She is missing school but that is ok there is always tomorrow!

I had a whole bunch I needed to do this weekend that didn't get done. I am hoping that Makenzie is feeling well enough to run a few errands this afternoon but for now I am going to go cuddle my lil princess!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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