Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hamster Wheel

Have I ever mentioned that I am not a morning person? If I could go to bed at 2am and get up at 10am I would be in Heaven. I remember the days when my oldest son was a bitty baby. We would start are day slow. I would just lay in bed with my sleepy newborn and cuddle with him, stare at him, and feed him. I had all of his baby supplies right next to the bed so there was no reason to even get up. It was lovely.

Today my alarm clock went off at 5:45am. I had to pop out of bed to begin the day in order to fit everything in. Not so lovely. I am tired. I feel like a hamster in a wheel running in circles but getting no where. Yeah, I always get somewhere. My kids are learning and growing and that is what matters but as for me..... hmmmmmm.... well I feel like a hamster.

Run all day, put the kids to bed, clean, prepare Makenzie's stuff, maybe sit and watch some TV, and go to bed.... early. Any free time in my life is spent running errands to keep this house going or cleaning which is a mute point because no matter how hard I try to get everything done it is never ending. Yeah... I am whining.... but really something has to give.

I really think that I am having the hardest time adjusting to the new school schedule. I am hoping it gets easier.

Makenzie had a great day today. She is feeling much better. She did have a couple of moments where her cold flared up but nothing to big!

Kenzie had a wonderful day at school. She really seems to enjoy school and is getting used to her new classromm and friends. When we got to school today the other students lit up when Makenzie "walked" in the door! She got to throw a bean bag to her friend and catch as well. I had to explain to the gym teacher that the kids could accually throw it to her instead of handing it to her. She does have 3 brothers!!! There is no gentle in Makenzie!

Makenzie even decided to color today! She hled onto that red crayon and just smiled as she moved it actoss the paper. Makenzie giggled when she drew on the table. Her teacher and I laughed so hard at the idea Makenzie could be naugty and think it was so funny!

I brought the iPad to school in order to show her teacher all of the cool things it could do and how it could aid in her education. Also as of yesterday Makenzie has an aide! Yippy! I am getting closer to a kid free time everyday!

We enjoyed lunch with a friend and then Sam's Club returning home just in time for the boys to help carry in the groceries.

I have a lot to be thankful for! I will make it to the other side! It has just been a bit harder then I thought it would be but this is the right thing for Makenzie. Her teacher (that only works in the mornings)is wonderful. It is just really too early for this night owl!

Time to make formula and get to bed. I need to get up and jump back in my wheel soon!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Days

Well, it only took 5 total days of one or more of my kids being in school for two of my kids to get sick. My oldest came down with a cold on Weds. and yesterday Makenzie caught the cold! Yippy! 3 half days of school! 3.... and we already have a cold!

Makenzie is doing well except for a whole bunch of congestion. She had a hard time sleeping because she couldn't breath but mommy came to the rescue. I hate it when my kids gets sick but there is something so special about cuddling in the rocking chair late at night. Rocking and singing. We sat in that chair for a bit over an hour. I slowly got some medicine into Makenzie in order to make her a bit more comfortable.

It is a process. First it is Zofran for upset stomach. Congestion makes Makenzie nauseous. Then we wait for that to kick in and on we move to a decongestant. As soon as that kicks in and Makenzie seems clearer it is time for the Mortrin to take away any type of pain. It is a slow processes but it is one that works. Makenzie slept for the rest of the night waking up about 9am this morning with a huge smile on her face.

Right now she is eating breakfast and it seem to be going well. She is missing school but that is ok there is always tomorrow!

I had a whole bunch I needed to do this weekend that didn't get done. I am hoping that Makenzie is feeling well enough to run a few errands this afternoon but for now I am going to go cuddle my lil princess!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Baby Belly Laughs...Priceless!

What a day, what a day!

This morning started out with me jumping out of bed at shortly after 7am. I needed to be up at 6 to feed Makenzie! I wondered why my alarm clock hardened gone of but upon further inspection it was only set go go off Monday-Friday.... oops! I sure hate user error!

I got Makenzie fed in record time and then it was time to herd the boys out the door and head to the bridal shop to look at bridesmaid dresses for one of my good friends wedding! We had a great time and she picked out a BEAUTIFUL dress! Her drees is even more beautiful! I watched them tie it all up trying to take it all on because some how this not so girly girl is supposed to help with this process of lacing and tying bows on the wedding day! Oh boy!

We had a wonderful lunch afterwords and I really got to enjoy time out with old friends and new.

It was then time to have lunch and for mammy to take nap in preparation for baby sitting this evening!

About 5pm, it was me against the world.... ok maybe just me against 7 kids, 2 with cp 7 and 5, two 9 year old, an 11 year old, a 13 year old, a 11 week old baby (Morgan), plus half of the neighbor hood but really who is counting! Once my friend left I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into but really everything went stunningly well. Right now the big kids are watching a movie half of them are asleep, Makenzie and the baby are sleeping soundly, and all is quiet! Hows that for being a baby whisperer?!

Early in the evening Morgan and I were sitting on the couch. I was tickling him and he was just cooing away at me. Then all of the sudden he let out a huge belly laugh! Then he did it again and again. I got the third one on video.

When my friend called to see how the baby was doing I asked her if Morgan had ever laughed. Her answer was .... no, why? Then I had to break the news to her. "he has been belly laughing!" Then she started yelling at me and threatened to come home! LOL! He didn't do it again tonight and Erica stayed out which is good because coming home would have been all of not.

So I have a video on my phone which I have been trying to upload onto youtube for the last 2 hours so that his daddy, who is in Iraq with the army, can see his lil man giggle. I guess my phone does not like my wireless router but slowly it is uploading!

I just put the baby down! It was so much fun to cuddle up next to him. To watch his little eyes close as his belly filled up. I stared and just relished in his beauty! I love babies! I now find everything they do so stunning because of what Makenzie has been through! Each and every little thing is such a miracle!

It is now past 11pm. I still need to make formula so I can get to bed! So much for a relaxing Saturday! That is ok though because I had a REALLY great day! Thanks Susan for the dress party and lunch and Erica for sharing your kiddos with me!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chicka Boom

Today was another good day. Makenzie and I went to school again. I am tired. So tired that I solicited my children and my neighborhood children to clean my house in exchange for a sleep over. That is how bad I didn't want to do it but that is how the world works.... you work and then get paid right? Tonight the payment was extra time with friends!

The above video is the book Makenzie heard in class today. After they read the book they Made a project with a coconut tree and some letters. The ILC teacher brought in some special scissors and Makenzie did GREAT! She also did a good job of writing her name, coloring a glueing. Even though the project was all done hand over hand Makenzie had a part in every single piece of it!

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WE still do not have an aid. There is one hired but has not been completely cleared so until that happens the ILC teacher will be hanging out with Makenzie. As soon as the aid can work I will train her and then I hope to be able to leave her at school in complete confidence that she will be safe, have fun, and learn all that she can. It has been a GREAT start to the year!


Tomorrow is going to be busy...... again!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Breath

I sat on my porch this morning enjoying the beautiful weather the end of summer brings. There is a nip in the air. The birds are still singing and I can breath. While I take a short break Makenzie is in the house with her PT. I can hear her giggle and the playful songs reach the porch. I smile. Every once in a while I am summoned to come and see how amazing my daughter is.

As the minutes tick away the garage door opens across the street and a backpack clad little boy about Makenzie's size strolls out followed my his mom and baby sister in her umbrella stroller. They are off to school.... kindergarden.... the same class as Makenzie. I watch them walk down the street until I can no longer see the backpack clad boy with the blue shark crocs proudly worn by little Mr. and wonder why I do not know them.

I head back in to kiss my 4th grader good bye and he heads out to school as well. I watch him until he crosses the street meeting up with his buddies and turns the corner.

Now Makenzie's therapy session is coming to an end. We have been up since 5:45am. Makenzie has eaten. I have fed the boys, gotten everyone dressed, done hair, dishes, a load of laundry, kissed 3 little men goodbye for the day and now it is Makenzie's turn.

As we say our last goodbyes to the PT I do one more diaper change for good measure, put on Makenzie's twinkle Toe shoes, grab her Hello Kitty back pack, and we load into the car. We are late. Well, on time in Makenzie land but who is counting.

We drive the whole 2 blocks to the school, I get out of the car to move the cone which is blocking access to the handicap parking spaces pull into the spot and we run into school.

Once there we see our cute little neighbor boy in the shark crocks. By day 2 I have now memorized his name. The kids are in P.E. class and when we get to the gym the everyone getting a tour of all the cool stuff they will be doing this year and yet another set of rules. Makenzie loves playing in the water fountain when it is her turn to get a "drink". I am sure that is breaking some rule somewhere but we are rule breakers what can I say.

As we follow the pack back to the class room it is now book and craft time. Makensie sits completely and utterly still for the entire book. Looking at the pictures and taking in every word of the story. We make a paper bag puppet and use finger paints instead of crayons.

Every kids favorite part of the day is now upon us.... RECESS! Today unlike yesterday a beautiful little girl asks to play with Makenzie. Music to mommmy's ears! It is hot and I am sweating but Makenzie LOVES it. We chase her new friend around until this mommy could chase no more.

Back inside and on to learning the number 1. Much to my surprise Makenzie makes lines all by herself when asked to draw a 1. Makenzie colors a bit and writes her name again and with this it is already time to go home. We rush back to the van and home to eat lunch before OT and speech therapy.

The boys begin arriving home just as Makenzie finishes therapy and our crazy schedule now says it is time for snack, homework, chores, dinner for all, baths, more dishes and laundry, tucking 4 kids into bed, making formula, more dishes, and once again at 9:30pm it is once again time to breath. This time in the dark on the porch. There is a nip in the air, now the crickets are chirping and the birds have gone to bed, the stars and moon glisten in the sky and I can breath.

I look at the house down the street. The gray and maroon house sits quiet and dark. I picture the little blue shark crocs waiting by the front door for the morning to come again. Then I realize why I don't know Little Mr. and his family.....

I keep waiting for life to slow down. I guess I will keep waiting patiently! Until then I try to smell as many roses as I can. I relish in my kids and enjoy the busy knowing that in the blink of an eye my kids will be all grown up and I will wish to be busy once again!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a First Day!

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Makenzie had a great first day of Kindergarten! I was very impressed to see a whole army of specialists there first thing this morning to make sure Makenzie had everything she needed.

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We started out the day making sure her chair was set up the best it could be for Makenzie. Then we moved into the classroom and worked on switch access with the AT team along with the school team. We learned how to ask to go to the bathroom...hehehe, what Makenzie;s friends names where, the class room rules, how to stand in line, and the number one. Makenzie wrote her name a couple of times with hand over hand help and did a super job making choices with her switch. We also got to go outside and Makenzie went down the slide 3 times walking with help all the way up the stairs and over the bridge to get there. Smiles, smiles, and more smiles!

When we were getting ready to leave one of the specialist gave Makenzie a hug and told me how excited she was to be able to work with Makenzie. She told me how much potential she saw and how smart she knew Makenzie was. YEAH! Finally a person in the education system that really sees it and I feel believes it too! (yes Dan I know you do too and thank you for all of the hard work you put into making this year the best yet!)

I still feel Makenzie would be better served goal wise from a social perspective in a preschool class but you win some and you loose some. Even though I have full trust that these people at will do a wonderful job with Makenzie and she is going to learn a ton!

At the end of it all I am pretty sure kindergarten wore me out WAY more then Makenzie. We came home and I fed Makenzie and she had OT. After that I cuddled with her on the couch and before I knew it I was sound asleep!

Day number 2 is coming up and I am sure it is going to kick my butt again so I better get to bed!

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"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."
(Colossians 3:23-24, NIV)

 Believe... Prayer Works!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In the last weeks of pregnancy a woman can be found doing some strange things. Nesting is one of those. Everything has to be in a certain place. The house has to be clean. The baby stuff has to be put together and organized. The fatigue of the last 9 months seems to just disappear and is replaced by a surge of energy to get everything done.

That is how I have felt lately..... and no I am most defiantly NOT pregnant. I know many people who are but I am not one of them.

Today my "nesting" consisted of cleaning out the fridge and the freezer, taking my whole pantry apart. Putting down liner and then putting it all back in nice and organized. I did the same thing to my spice/catch all cupboard and let me tell you how good it feels to open up the doors to each and not have something fall on top of me!

I have no clue where this energy is coming from but I am not going to complain. My goal is to clean out at least one cluttered area of my home a day until I have gotten rid of all of the stuff I do not need. I am sure I will still be working on this at Christmas but that is ok.

Other then that today was a great day!. Makenzie did WONDERFUL in PT. He shoulders are looser then they have ever been. She is taking weight in the right places and using her protective response much quicker!

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We got up this morning as if she was going to school and she did great! Her feeds went well and she was so alert and attentive.

Tonight Makenzie got to bed just before 7pm. She is really going to school tomorrow! The first day of KINDERGARTEN! WOW!!! I am so excited for her.

Please pray that Makenzie has a super good first day of big kid school! I can't believe she is a big kid now! Makes me want to "nest"!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

Monday, August 23, 2010

School Fever!

This morning I got a call from a friend at about 9am. The first thing she said in a very excited voice was.....


I paused a bit confused and then she went on....

You survived another summer!

Why yes, yes I did!

I love my kids and summer is a lot of fun but by the end I am very excited for school to start!

All of the kids had a great day!

Makenzie and I went to the school this morning and talked to her teacher for about 2 hours. I am very excited. The teacher she will has is the same teacher all of my boys had for kindergarten. She knew Makenzie before the accident and was my youngest sons teacher at the time of Makenzie's accident. To say she knows my family would be an understatement.

When approached with making a decision about where we were going to send Makenzie to school this year I was very unsure. Did we need to go look at programs all over the district? Did we interview professional after professional in an effort to find just the right people to work with Makenzie or did we just send her to the school that is 2 blocks from the house. The same school my boys have all attended since kindergarten.

At the end of the school year I made my first decision. She would go to our neighborhood school. Then when I found out that the teacher I wanted only worked in the morning I had to figure out if I would try to change all of Makenzie's therapies around in order make the morning class work. After talking to my friend in depth about this while in AZ I decided I would reorganize life and began the countless phone calls. As of last week I have been able to work out ALL of Makenzie's therapies at times that will work. That is a miracle!

Today confirmed all of the hard work in making this work was sooooo worth it! This is going to be great year for Makenzie. Her new teacher has so GREAT ideas and believes in Makenzie! I can tell she will put a great amount of effort into Makenzie and her education. Did I mention how excited I am!

Now all that is left is to meet the aid they have hired for Makenzie. This is also very important as this aid will be with Makenzie every moment she is at school! Please pray that this person is a good fit for Makenzie and will love her and believe in her as much as I do! (Ok I know that is not really possible but ya know.... as close to as much as I love her as possible!)

So one more day of summer for Makenzie and then my baby will be in Kindergarten! WOW!!! How did that happen?

Believe... Prayer Works!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Fun!

On Thursday morning I began to put our suitcase together. I gathered Makenzie's feeding stuff and loaded the car. Makenzie had speech therapy right before we left and I had a few things I needed to get from the store while she was in therapy. With the car loaded when I returned I loaded the boys and Makenzie into the car and we took off. I thought we would make it out of town before rush hour but I was wrong. We hit traffic, pouring rain, Makenzie got car sick which required pulling over on the side of the highway in order to assist her and hen change her clothes. At this point I am hot, tired of traffic and covered in vomit.

What should have taken an hour has now taken two. I glanced back and caught a glimpse of the base to Makenzie's wheel chair..... my heart sunk. I had left the second half... seat.... of her wheel chair at home 2 hours away. We happened to be in a little town so I pulled into the nearest parking lot to compose myself and gather my thoughts about what to do. The parking lot happened to be a Wal-Mart. My son piped in with the idea of getting her a stroller and I didn't have a better idea so we did.

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AT this point we are late for dinner, I am frazzled, but there was no turning back now. Armed with a $170.00 travel system we forged up to our destination and had a wonderful time.

There was so much to do mixed in with just hanging out with family. We ate a ton, hiked, fished, went go karting, mini, golfing, bumper boating, shopping, we bbq'ed, we went swimming and shooting, we played cards,put our toes in the  river, sat by the fire for smores and lots of laughter, we had a GREAT time!

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This morning we packed up and headed home. The ride home went much better. Then there was the unpacking, feeding, doing laundry and dishes, bathing, setting out the boy's clothes, and getting to bed for the first day of school in the morning!!! YIPPY!!!!!

Thank you for all of the prayers for safety! Now it is back to reality but I am looking forward to getting back on a schedule and am so excited about what this new school year will bring for all 4 of my kids! Please pray that my middle son specifically have a good first day of middle school! I think he is nervous even though he won't say so!

I will try to post a slide show with more pictures tomorrow. Tonight I am going to head to bed early so I can be ready to get these munchkins off to a great first day of school!

Believe Prayer works!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Procrastination Hyperventilation

We are getting there!

Makenzie woke up all by herself this morning at 7:45am. She was fed and ready for therapy by 9am and went to bed tonight at 7:45pm. I really thought I had a bigger battle on my hands but getting back into the school routine seems to be going better then planned.

Have I ever mentioned that I perform best under pressure? I like to save things for the very last minute, scurry around, get stressed, scurry around some more, and in the end get everything done.

That has been my week. I knew I had a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow as the kids start school and we will be out of commission for the rest of the week with family. Well none of it got done and today if you came over before about 1pm you would have found me and my girl still in our pajamas.

Did I mention I had a ton to do.

After lunch we scurried. To the bank, to the shoe store, to the pet store, to lunch, and to target to fill a prescription. Then it was home for dinner, laundry, plating food, picking up, and the list goes on. I still have 3 stores, packing, and three and a half hours of appointments to get in before 2pm tomorrow when we leave for a family reunion. Ya know what.... I will get it done... that is just how I roll.

Here is the start to my packing......

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At least Makenzie will eat...... not sure about the rest of us but food is over rated anyways!

Maybe the last 3 years has taught me this style. Maybe having to improvise around every corner make one really good at last minute planning.... who knows.

Makenzie had a REALLY great day! She did amazing in therapy. Makenzie had a grand total of 3 reflux episodes.... ALL DAY! I am one happy mommy tonight!

Tomorrow we have a seating appointment, PT, and speech. Then we are off for one last summer hurrah. We will be getting together with my mothers whole side of the family for a little much needed family gathering. As much as I have been dragging my feet....I am excited to be together with family. Please pray for safety and fun! I am not sure if we will be near Internet service so if I am missing for a few day I apologize in advance!

Well off to bed I go...tomorrow I will be inching the get up time a bit earlier again.

Believe... Prayer Works

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bye, Bye, Summer Break

School starts in less then a week for the boys and Makenzie starts in exactly a week. WOW! The summer flew by!

Makenzie will be in Kindergarten! I am excited! She loves school and I know the routine will be good again. I decided to send Makenzie to the morning session for several reasons the biggest is the teacher I want for her only works in the morning. So I have spent the last week shuffling Makenzie therapies around as they are all scheduled in morning when she will be at school. For the most part I think we have it figured out.

Makenzie will get one therapy before school and 1-2 after school depending on the day. This means we are going to have to be up really early in order to get breakfast in before therapy and school. I am not sure if this will be harder for Makenzie or her mommy!

Last night I ended up falling asleep with Makenzie at 8pm. I woke up at 10pm and started her night time water and was back in bed by 11pm. At 7am when my alarm clock went off I was still not ready to get up! So I am going to try to get myself adjusted first. However this means that there will not be much me time for the rest of the week because all of this schedule adjusting means I need to get to bed as soon as I tuck the boys into bed! (they are still on summer time) AHHHHHHH! This too will end! Like on Monday!

Makenzie got in her stander for the first time in a long time yesterday and she did really well! She has been standing so well!

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Everyone in my house is asleep so I guess I need to head that way! Bye, Bye, summer break!

Believe... Prayer Works!

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