Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warning... Battery is Running Low

The things we will do to make things work. There are only so many hours in the day and today there where just not enough.

I am starting to feel like the energizer bunny. My list is shrinking... I think.

Getting ready for vacation or not therapy must go on! Today was Makenzie;s last day of therapy at home for 3 weeks. Makenzie decided to go out with a bang! She is activating her lower back and holder herself up so well with her arms. She is also doing a GREAT job rolling and she even allowed her therapist to put her in all fours! Go Makenzie! I am so sad that we will not see this part of our lives for a while but so happy our last sessions went so well!

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Makenzie did not get up in time this morning so please excuse the bed head! LOL Don't you wish you got to comb through that every morning? Hehehe

From this point on my life just got quite comical. If it was Monday it would be a great not me Monday post!

I had several places to go so I loaded up the kids and Makenzie's lunch and headed to McDonalds. We ordered food at the drive through and headed to Target. I needed to feed Makenzie and get a bunch of shopping done so I started feeding Makenzie while the kids ate at the Cafe in Target. Yeah bad customer I know but I didn't have an hour to spend eating at McDonalds nor did I want to put Makenzie in and out of the car while she was hooked up to her feeding pump. Stare, laugh, think what you may, but it worked and I got everything done while Makenzie was being fed and that is really all I care about.

We walked next door and picked up some sandals at Payless and headed home to change Makenzie's diaper and pick up a few things that I needed to return and headed back out to the mall. At this point I am fading fast but this energizer bunny marched on.

We got to the mall.... after 45 min.... in rush hour traffic.....and headed to the Apple store. The items I wanted to return had been bought on line and the only thing they could do was give me store credit which I did not need. Strike 1.

Then we went next door to ZAGG to get the protective shield on the iPad fixed as one of the corners had come up. Much to my dismay they were out of the front pieces to replace the one on my iPad. The clerk looked at me and proceeded to to me I should have called first when I showed my irritation. Really? I should have called to find out if you had the one thing that makes your store a store in stock...hmmmmm.

I left the mall in tears. I had just completely wasted over 2 hours of time I did not have to waste. Crap! Not happy! On the way home we met grandma for dinner. It was very once to SIT and ENJOY some good time and hear all about her trip and of the adventures she had been on.

Then it was time to unload the van, pack the stuff I had bought, get Makenzie ready for bed, put Makenzie to bed, pack some more, blog, and now I am off to pick up, do the dishes, make formula, and get the boys in bed so that we can get up early and do this all over again tomorrow! I think I need to plug this bunny in. My batteries are slowy running out of juice!


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