Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stopping to Enjoy a Perfect Day!

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Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, STOP!

Today Makenzie and I stopped for a bit. I was going to take her to The American Girl Store but our friends couldn't make it until tomorrow. So we stopped and rested.

The boys spent most of the day hanging out with the neighborhood kids fixing their bikes! It was quite a site to see! They all ended the day with a working bike and 6 full tires! Go Boys! Growing up so big!

While they played we cuddled on the couch, played on the floor, had some tummy time, and laughed a ton! What a perfect birthday!

Life NEEDS to slow down! I so enjoyed my time just to spend with my daughter. There was no agenda, no appointments, and my house just suffered. Our time was not about therapy or goal. I was not about what Makenzie could or couldn't do. It was just her and I hanging out together. Just She and I! This time also needs to be shared with the boys, however they were busy playing and as they get older mommy is just not that cool!

Makenzie and I ended our day with Kate Plus 8. I really have not watched much of this show but ever since she came back on with out Jon and as a Single Mother I have watched. I sit and smile at the TV for the whole hour. She may have four kids on me but oh can I ever relate!

This week is going to be crazy! We have all of Makenzie therapy appointments, a seating eval, running errands, and packing to go on vacation! Four kids, one mom, baggage, airplane, ABM, friends, fun, heat, pool, and of course margaritas! It is going to be fun but the getting ready part is always hard! That hard part starts NOW!

Tomorrow in between meals we will be folding a mound of laundry so we can pack, going to American Girl, and going to the pool for therapy on top of the normal, picking up of the rooms, making beds, and tidying the house. I am not really sure there is enough hours in the day but we will fit it all in some how!

Thank You everyone for all of the Birthday wishes on this blog and Facebook! I read each and every one of them to her including playing Izak and Jamie's American Idol audition fo Happy Birthday for Makenzie which was left on my voice mail.

Once again Makenzie always shows me up! There is not a gift that I could buy her that could top the gifts she gives me and everyone who knows her everyday!

Thank You Makenzie for being my daughter and for the amazing day of laughter we shared today!


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