Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Point of View

I got an e mail this morning that was unexpected but welcome from a friend I have not heard from in a very long time. She shared with me her point of veiw on some things that happened what seems like a life time ago. I very much respected her thoughts and sent her an e-mail back with some of my thoughts and what I felt happened. It was much needed and hopefully she will respect the things I had to say as well.

It got me thinking... (I have been doing a bit to much of that lately).... about the many different relationships we have in our lives. Each and very one is so different.

Everyone has their own point of view and opinions. We all communicate in different ways and are all such different people who see things in life so differently.

This has been something I have dealt with a lot over the last 3 years.  When you have so many people weighing in on your life and the many decisions there are to make it becomes inevitable.

Friends who don't live with special need who don't understand why you are always busy, can't go out, make talk about things that don't make sense to them, and just can't understand why life has become so different.

Doctors ALWAYS have an opinion about EVERY thing and want you to follow every order to a tee. The crazy part is that some doctors share a  different opinion and point of view then other doctors of the same specialty.. I guess that is why the second opinion is so important. It is also never a good idea to bring up bio medical treatment with a western medicine doctor. That is a BAD plan..... ok, ok, to be fair.... I have found a few western medicine doctors that do appreciate bio medical medicine.

I have a great support system when it comes to my family, yet there are still different points of view and opinions.

Parent's of children with special needs share many different ideas on what works and what doesn't. There are many different conditions, treatment options, doctors, and therapy's. Each and every parent deals with this journey in a different way. As well as each child responds differently.

The school system and teachers work in a different world then the rest of the above. They primarily focus on one aspect of children's This is ok until you have a child who needs special accommodations. Then  the differences in opinion pour in. They are great people who happen to work in a system that most of the time doesn't work for our kids without a ton of sharing of ideas and opinions.

Some days I feel so overwhelmed. I do my best to hear out every one's point of view and opinion but some days there are to many.

At the end of the day we all do what we believe is best for our family and sanity!  We are the advocates. When it comes to our kids our opinion as their parent is the trump card. For me it is an honor and something I take very seriously.

So we move forward.

We are having a great time. It has been so nice to slow down. To take a break. To think without the crazyness of normal life.

Makenzie is doing well. She is still a little rolly polly but she is also relfuxing a lot, I am frusterated but keep praying. She is not vomiting and is still gaining wieght and that is GREAT! We got in the pool today and she loved it! She moved so much. She chased her brothers all over the place and of course giggled a ton! She busted out laughing this evening when her brother farted which had us all rolling.  Other then the reflux she is WONDERFUL! Praise God!  So proud!

Please pray with me for Makenzie's reflux to disappear. Pray that God would heal her gut. She is so much better then she was 2 years ago. If we could just get over this last hump I would be the happiest mommy EVER! Pray!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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