Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Rainy Adventure!

The 5th of July was laid back for Makenzie and I while The boys went with their grandma and grandpa.

Yesterday, was a great day! A wonderful reminder of why we have the freedoms we so enjoy!

We got to enjoy a BBQ with a good friend of our and her family. On the way out of town the rain started falling. Then came the hail! We spent a while under cover at a gas station before daring to venture onto the highway. We got about 500 ft from the on ramp when the sky opened up again and hail pelted downwhich landed us under the valet cover at a hotel! Oun 30 min drive turned into just over an hour but it was well worth it!

We had tons of great food and company. The boys had a great time sitting on the curb sorting their fireworks and checking out what the other kids had! It was almost like Christmas... only way less expensive!

Makenzie decided to throw up her dinner while we were there which was odd. I was hoping it was just a fluke as we have all been fighting a yucky stomach bug. I stopped her feed. This is where the lack of speech gets the most frusterating.... at this point Makenzie is laughing and having a great time. She seems just fine. No.... other then the vomit... she IS just fine. So we pack up the car and head to our next stop, a piece of property just out of town.

The boys have now asked me when they can lite off their fireworks like 5000 times. There was a huge water slide but one small problem.... it was cold outside. I told the boys not to get wet. I warned them that they would get cold. Yeah.... I am just a dumb mom. Wet they got and a bit later they were cold. HMMMMM who would-a thought.

The finally went down and the boys started in on their fire works! They were so excited! Then the wind and rain came... and then it stopped... and then it started again. CRAP!

It was late. Everyone was tired and COLD so we headed home in the POURING rain. Once again our 30 min drive turned into about an hour but this time we were all wet! Let me tell you last night in the middle of July the heater can still feel oh so good!

We were about 10 minutes from home when Makenzie threw up again. She was still happy and not acting sick at all but at this point I knew she had gotten the bug. This is the day I have been dreading since she switched from the J tube to the G tube.... The stomach virus. Oh well, I knew it would come sooner then later!

I called the doctor even though I knew what he would say..... try pedialite and if that doesn't stay down turn off her pump and call me in the morning.... yep I called it, but I wouldn't want to be accused of not seeking medical advise on this subject, so thanks to my concerned annonomous friend, who is probably still stalking my blog,my doctor gets calls at 10pm over stuff I already know.... Sorry Joe! We just sit and laugh about it now and that is good.

So today we chilled out. Makenie did fine with her water overnight and I skipped her breakfast and started with lunch. She did great. What a relief. Dinner didn't go as well but there was no vomit.

I tried to give Makenzie a nap so I could get a few things done but she wasn't going to have much to do with that. Oh well. She just laid up in bed talking away. After about 45 min I gave in and got her up. She also was pretty clingy today. I got to be the entertainer all day. Anytime I walked away she cried! Pouty face an all. Honestly I enjoyed hanging out with her. Just lazen around.

Tonight all is well! The boys got to finish their fire works minus the rain and Makenzie is sleeping well!

Please pray that Makenzie is better by the morning.

Believe... Prayer Works!



Lacey said...

Darn rain! It still sounds like a great day, minus the throwing up of course!

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