Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look at me....I am Famous

Heather is an amazing woman. She is the mother of Samantha. She is a writter. She is an advocate for many kids. She is riding in the Courage Classic, a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital, in her daughter's name and for all the kids that are served at THC. Did I already tell you she is AMAZING?

A while back she put together a slide show about the ride which she put up on her blog to help raise money for Team Samatha. It is an amazing piece that included not only Samatha but also Makenzie a few of her buddies. To date Heather has raised almost $3000.00 for the hospital. Amazing!

Parts of that slide show ended up getting edited into a commercial and Makenzie made the cut along with a couple of her other buddies. Here it is:

Thank you Heather for being such an amazing mother, friend, adovcate for not only your child but many others as well, thanks for everything you do!

On that same subject today I submitted and application to a casting call for a reality TV show on parenting children with special needs. Yeah laugh out load but really Kate plus 8 doesn't have anything on me! LOL

I am pretty sure the world does not want me to sing, so American Idol is out. I am not sure my family would watch my kids for 3 months so I could go sit in a really nice house, in my bikini, drinking beer and eating slop, all while playing head of house hold games. So Big Brother is out. I can't cook to save my life. There goes Hell's Kitchen. I will never EVER have 19 Children so I guess the Duggars can have that spot. So You Think You can dance would play my audition just so America could have a good laugh and there will be no Survivor in my future, I don't even like to camp.

What I do know a TON about is raising kids and special needs. I mean seriously everyone wants to see the comedy that is me pushing my 12 year old son around the hardware store on a flat bed cart while holding Makenzie in his lap all because I didn't feel like lifting her wheelchair out of the van. We left with some fly tape and a toilet seat.... I mean really... LOL!

Or how about doing therapy in the living room. What if therapy involved playing your new iPad with you feet?

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

I don't know maybe watching a grown woman try to wrangle a 5 year old who doesn't like her head to be touched every night in order to achieve a hair dew that is socially acceptable may be entertaining.

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All joking aside I think a reality show about taking care of a medically fragile child would be amazing. Not just for the people that do it day in and day out but also for those who live in our children's community.

We can sit and watch just about everything else why not this too. I watched a show the other night on TLC called something like, Your Child Ate What? The whole show was about kids who had swallowed a variety of different objects. All of their lives where threatened by the event but every story had a happy ending.... that is not reality.

I would love to know where the Makenzie's are in that show. Where was the teaching about what can happen when a child chokes. Makenzie's story has a happy ending but not the way TLC or any of the similar shows depict the ending to these types of stories. Makenzie did not just leave with parents smiling ear to ear because they were so relieed and have their child head right back home the same kid they tucked in the night before. I think the Makenzie's of this world deserve their story's shared too. This is real reality.

Do I really think I have got a chance at this.... maybe. There are so many amazing stories out there but it sure would be cool and certainly life changing. If it is meant to be God will do the rest. If not, well, this will still be my reality and I love it!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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