Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iPad Review

SO I promised you all an iPad review and here it is.

The bottom line is we LOVE the iPad. There are so many uses for this piece of electronics but I am going to stick to the special needs uses for it tonight.

I began researching the iPad after Makenzie showed interest in the iTouch. She loved the apps and they kept her entertained and provided motivation for her during therapy. Her speech/augmentative communication therapist began to have clients who's parents were purchasing the iPad for them and the reviews were outstanding.

Yes there are many "talker" apps that can be used instead of the bigger, more expensive communication devices but because of Makenzie's lack of fine motor coordination I was not really concentrated on that as much as I was the learning, games, coloring, and book apps. Most of these apps or very simple but entertaining.... perfect for Makenzie.

Before we started playing I wanted to make sure we protected the iPad.... mostly from drool! LOL. To do this I did a couple of things, the first being to buy a case.

I decided to get the Convertible Book Jacket made by INCASE. I looked at the iPad case made by Apple and felt like their case would not meet as many needs. I was right. The INCASE cover is much more sturdy. It stands the iPad up at 3 different angles and doesn't slip or fall. When it is closed it has a thick piece of elastic that hold the case shut which I have also used to wrap around the back of my car seat in order for Makenzie to be able o watch movies in the car. I love it!

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We also had it protected with a clear shield made by ZAGG . This is a clear plastic material that has a lifetime guarantee and withstands all kinds of wear and tear. The below video shows its amazing abilities.

We happen to have a store near us so we had them put it on the iPad for us but you can order the shield and do it yourself as well.

Then we started playing and playing and playing. With our hands and our feet. We watched movies and TV shows. We downloaded recommend apps and played some more. I was amazed at how much Makenzie moved her little arms and hands to make the games work. Some of the learning apps I have been playing hand over hand with Makenzie so that she can hear and learn form the content. I LOVE this thing!

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Here is a list of some of Makenzie's favorite apps

Dr Seuss's ABC, Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, books
ABC Lite
Magic Piano
I Love Fireworks
Vocal Zoo
ABC and Me HD
Toy Story
Eensy Harp
I hear Ewe
Toddler JukeBox12
The Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya
Old Mac Donald

A lot of these apps where free or less then $2.00. Some were a bit more but not much.

We also found a way to mount the iPad onto Makenzie's wheelchair through a company called RJ Cooper. It includes a bumper case, a universal arm/mount, a 4.5 in plate, and some super Velcro. The links for each are below.

Bumper Case


The finished product looks like this:

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Makenzie loves it and she can play without looking down! It is also wonderful for her to get her arms up against gravity! Go Makenzie!

RJ Copper also sells a Bluetooth speaker that one I figure it out will also be velcroed to the bumper case so that the Makenzie can hear movies and such a bit better.

So there you have it.... The iPad in a nut shell. I really feel like this is the most amazing tool we have ever had for Makenzie and it sure is a lot of fun for the boys too! Finally something ALL of my kids can enjoy!


Reagan Leigh said...

Thank you for posting all of that! I'm really interested in the bumper case and arm. I wish I would have seen that INCASE before I bought Reagan's case. I like the idea of being able to attach it to the carseat. That's nice.

Shannon said...

Thank you for this. We want one for my son too. Also, thanks for the Affordable Weighted Blankets review. I ordered one for my son because of it and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I am also doing a differently-abled guide this holiday season if you would like to check it out for gift ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review. I am searching for things to help our daughter. Sometimes it is confusing to understand how they can help unless it is broken down by a loving parent. :) (I love your writing style, it fits me.) I just found your site and am anxious to read your suggestions. Since my daughter is in the hospital right now it is the perfect time. :)

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