Monday, July 26, 2010

I have spent the last 12 hours trying to imagine the pain that Heather and Bart must feel right now. I have thought of their family and little Samantha every waking moment of these past 12 hours. There are NO good words and the tears just fall.

Even though I didn't see this family often I felt like I knew them well. I sat this morning reading past posts on Heather's blog and it felt so unreal. All the while looking at Makenzie thinking about my fear of this same thing happening at any moment.

I want to hug Heather. I want to be there but right now I am so far away and that makes me very sad.

Every hard time in life feels so insignificant. Yesterday I was so irritated with Makenzie's reflux. Today I just wiped it up and moved on making sure I gave her a kiss and a big smile before I walked away.

Samantha was a fighter. All of these special kids are so strong. The thought of her beautiful toothless grin in Heaven is amazing.

I have learned so much from Samatha and her mommy. I will continue to learn from Sam and the beauty of her life. 

I do not know if Heather will be riding in the Courage Classic. I don't know if I could do it but one way or the other Heather is one of the strongest women I have ever known. Everything she has done in support of The Children's Hospital, the place Sam, Makenzie, Max, Cici, and many others have called home at one time or another on top of everything else is stellar.

Samantha will be remembered.

Smile at Jesus for me baby girl and give Him a big kiss from Makenzie!


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