Friday, July 2, 2010


This video summarizes how wonderful my birthday was today.

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I have noticed that every year older I get my birthday becomes a bit more insignificant. There are no big party's with all of my friends, no bar hopping, no dance clubs, no hangovers. It is more like everyday life with a twist.

However, sitting here tonight I can honestly say this was one of the best birthdays I have had in a very long time.

This morning started with a bang.

Both of Makenzie's therapists showed up this morning bearing gifts. Not just any gifts....Starbucks and Wine! LOVE IT! Nothing over the top but something they both knew I loved! Then I also got a card from both of them for a massage and babysitting while I was getting my ME time! WOW!!! These 2 women know me so well it is a bit scary!

Makenzie did very well in therapy today and has all week long! She is consistently lifting her hands/arms  above her head which is HUGE! She has so much more range of motion in her shoulders in the last month! She was super loose today and sat on my lap with both of her hands open on her knees and head in mid line for a long time as well! Go Makenzie!

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

We then had speech therapy, took a bath, ate lunch, and headed out the door for mommies massage!

I dropped Makenzie off and walked out the door without a care in the world. I really never worried about Makenzie because she was with her therapist and she knows what Makenzie needs and wants! She loves Makenzie so much! So I was free to truly relax!

I buried my head in the massage table and closed my eyes and enjoyed EVERY SINGLE last second of that hour! It felt so refreshing and I felt so energized. I could have just laid there for hours but my family was getting ready for my birthday dinner so off I went!

We had a wonderful dinner. We sat out on the patio talking, laughing, and just being together. My mom and grandma prepared a wonderful dinner with my favorites and then we indulged in some ice cream cake! Family is such a wonderful thing!

I got emails all day from all of my friends on Face Book wishing me a happy birthday, Thank You all! It felt great to feel so loved!

My day started winding down with a call from a good friend and then another. When I picked up the phone I was serenaded with their whole family's rendition of "Happy Birthday"! I am so blessed!

Really, I thank you all so much for hanging in there with us! You mean the world to this family and some days  your words of kindness and support are what gets me through the day!

A simple happy birthday or I am thinking and praying for you are better then any monetary gift I could ever receive! Thank You!

I have cracked open by birthday bottle of wine! I am going to kick my feet up and relax for a few moments before I head to bed!

Keep praying!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Ericalynn said...

happy happy birthday!!!

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