Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday I spent an hour writing a post basically about how bad I felt my life sucked. Some days it feels like the sky is falling Chicken Little. However today was a much better day. I guess it is all in the frame of mind because nothing has changed between then and now.

Today I did nothing  very little. I am not sure when the last time was I did that but it felt good. We all hung out in the air conditioned house. I played on the floor with my kids. We built a Ferris wheel out of Tinkertoy's, ate lunch, played some video games, rolled around with giggle box Makenzie and just enjoyed life simplified. It was nice.

Makenzie is doing so much better with her rolling. She rolls from right to left by herself with ease almost every time. The opposite way is a bit harder but she is trying. She managed to get onto her belly tonight and instead of rolling over she brought her hand up and lifted her head. WOW!!! She has been walking great with help and is so alert and interactive.

I am really amazed with what this session of ABM has brought. In the midst of the craziness it is hard to see but the changes have been huge. There is always that one small problem that I keep butting up against..... good therapist..... different state..... far away. Oh well! I guess that had never stopped us before.

After a great day I jumped onto the Internet for some good ole social networking. What I found today BROKE MY HEART into many pieces. Today Samantha went to be with Jesus. Today her mommy and daddy are broken hearted. 

Samantha was a beautiful little girl who had amazing parents. The few times I met Sam and her mommy I was in awe of how much joy and happiness surrounded them.  AMAZING! Please pray for Samantha's mommy , Heather and  her daddy.

Heather is a Super Mommy. She has done so much good from those who have helped not only her daughter but also mine and many others. Please consider donating to the Children's Hospital Courage Classic in Samantha's memory!

Heather please know that we are thinking about you guys and praying for peace. Even though we can not be there with you in person we are here! Love ya girl!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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