Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cherry Love!

Makenzie is eating dinner and I have run out of steam!

The clock is ticking on the hours before we leave on vacation. The laundry is washed. The house is picked up, the floors are mopped, the grass is mowed and trimmed but some how my list of things to do continues to grow longer!

Tomorrow is the last day to run errands and prepare as Friday is jam packed with appointments. Sigh......

The last few days however have been REALLY good. Makenzie is doing so well and after my week of grounded boot camp my boys are doing so much better.

We are now at our 3 month mark since we went to Costa Rica for stem cells and I see so much. Most of it is cognitive. Ya know the stuff that is SO hard to describe. Makenzie is so much more alert, she is paying attention and responding very fast. Her opinions have gotten even more obvious and she is understanding cause and effect in her body.

Yesterday we were out on the deck and I was eating a bowl of bing cherries. I asked her if she would like some and she gave me a huge smile and an Ahhhh... in Makenzie language that means yes. I told her she needed to get one out of the bowl and immediately she lifted her hand and put it right in the bowl. I took the pit out and wrapped it in tulle. She LOVED it! She chewed and chewed until 2 whole cherries were completely obliterated. Cognitive and physical improvement.... you bet! God is so good! The works of His mighty hands through His people here on earth are at work in my princess!

I am so excited to see my friend Michelle. I can't wait to see her face when she sees how good Makenzie is doing. It has been 2 years since we have been face to face and Makenzie has healed SO much in those years! Arizona here we come!

Thanks for all of the support and prayers!

Believe... Prayer Works!

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