Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blazing Hot

I love my life. No really I do. I don't always love all of the trials and heartache but at the end of the day I have so very much!

Today after getting up late rushing around trying to move from the house to the van at 6am we made it to AZ with no issues. Makenzie is a great traveler and the boys were so much help.

We took the shuttle to the hotel and made it in time for breakfast. Yum! I fed Makenzie as soon as we arrived at the hotel and she did great! I was worried. In the past she has not tolerated eating well with travel and this was the first time we put the 2 of those together with the G tube instead of the J tube. No issues, happy tons of smiles ad no puke! Praise God!

The boys spent pretty much the whole day in the pool. Makenzie and I got in to and she loved it. At a blazing 113 ish degrees the pool doesn't stay very cold and kinda feels like a bath tub but that is the perfect temp. for Makenzie.

About 7:30pm Julie and Joey arrived and we took a walk in the basing hot dark down to the pool. Makenzie was already in bed so Julie and Joey took a dip while I stayed dry .... well kinda dry on the side. Fun times! This is going to be a great week!

Tomorrow we will start ABM. After taking a couple of months off I am really excited to see how Makenzie does! Please pray that God would touch our practitioners' hands with healing for Makenzie for God's glory! Pray for healing and safety!

I am off to bed. 6:30am comes WAY to fast!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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