Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABM Day 2

Therapy is so much more enjoyable in the company of friends. 3 years ago we headed off to AZ to do our first round of HBOT.... ALONE. My grandparents drove up with all of our stuff. They stayed a few day and then it was just Makenzie and I. We stayed in a little teeny tine room with a shared bathroom and wandered out to the kitchen for meals every once in a while. It was very lonely.

However today I am surrounded by friends or maybe I should call them family. We laugh together. Cry together. Eat together. Drink together. We are together. It is so different and such a nice change. God has put so many wonderful people in my life. Starting with Michelle who I met on our first trip to AZ at the Ronald McDonald House.

Michelle has been my rock for a long time. I can bounce ANYTHING off of her. She never sugar coats nor judges. We live far apart but yesterday when we met face to face again for the first time in over 2 years it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat. This woman is amazing. She is busy... crazy busy... but is always there even though we walk very different roads. My daughter has CP her son has Autism. My daughter eats weird food through a tube. Her son just eats weird food. Her son walks and has no fear, my daughter has no fear but can't walk. Sensory over load and vestibular issues run high in both of our kids and the constant guessing game on what to do next is so similar. I want Makenzie to be on the never ending move like her son and she would love her son to have some of my daughters stillness. We are both moms with broken kids. In the end even though we struggle with different issues none of that even matters because we want the same thing.... healing for our babies!

Then 2 summers ago I met Julie at the NAPA center. We connected immediately. Our kids we so much alike. They have different issues but all in all very much the same. They are the same age within 2 weeks. There accidents are 2 months apart. She has other kids the same age as mine. We both like to laugh and neither one of us takes life to seriously. We have so much fun together. We laugh a lot and have done a lot of the same things to help our kids.

So today we loaded up the kids and headed out for day number 2 of ABM. I really like the practitioner here. She really seems to get our kids. In talking with her with in the first 20 mins of meeting Makenzie she had a plan. At the same time she knew that Makenzie could and probably would change that said plan at any moment. Makenzie is SO loose and is talking and rolling a ton! She was really refluxy today for the first time in over a week but seemed to be better by the end of the day. She is such a trooper!

The boys have been in the pool every chance they get and are loving it! For the most part they are being great!

Tomorrow is anther full day but let me tell you I won't be lonely .... not for one second!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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