Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We got a package yesterday that I have been waiting for over the last couple of weeks.

What, you may ask, is that exactly?

It is a product made by WaterWayBabies. It is intended to allow parents to safely work with their special needs children at home in a warm water pool.

Aqua therapy is a wonderful thing for kids like Makenzie. In water their bodies are lite and move much easier without the weight of gravity.

I debated with myself for several months on whether or not to order this. After booking a trip with the kids to AZ for three weeks, I decided it would be a good idea.

So I unpacked it, set it up, and filled it with water. What a sight that was to see!

I really was not sure how Makenzie would respond. She loves water but is also very picky about certain things, one being what goes on or near her head.

So without further ado here is how it went.....

So needless to say I am pretty sure Makenzie likes it!

Now I need get a wet suit for her so that we can go swim at the rec center pool and not be cold in the first 5 minutes.

Thanks for praying!

Believe.. Prayer Works!


Bunny said...

How awesome! I considered buying this as well ... and we're in Az! Hope you enjoy your trip out! When will you be here? Hope not in the dead of summer?! It's horrible outy here right now! Thanks for inspiring us!

Reagan Leigh said...

OK...so you've inspired me. I wanted to get this for Reagan but I was afraid she was already too big for the pool. But if Makensie can fit in it, I think Reagan could too. I think it's time for me to stop thinking about it and just order it!

Reagan Leigh said...

By the way...what size neck ring did you get?

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