Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Verdict Is In.

I am loosing speed and fast so I am going to try and do this quick tonight.

Today was a roller coaster of a day.

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I woke up this morning to an e-mail that made my head spin. I fumed and said a few four letter naughty words. I read the said e-mail to my daughters therapist, I talked it through with my daughter therapist. I wrote a response and fumed some more.

The thing is..... life is hard... It is good but hard. I have four kids. I make every decision about each and every one of those four kids alone. All the weight of every single thing in my children's life rests on my two shoulders and sometimes... well most all of the time... that simple fact is exhausting. Then there is everything else that needs to be done to make the world go round at this house.

I do know after doing this for the last 3 plus years is that no one will ever fully understand. There are those who can grasp it better then others and then there are those who just can't nor ever will even begin to wrap their brains around any of it. I am ok with that. However, when the person who doesn't get it is someone who is very close to you it stings a bit.

I stopped fuming about the time I realized we had to be out the door for an appointment with a new dietitian. Time to change gears I packed up Makenzie's food and headed out the door.

We had a GREAT appointment. We went over Makenzie's feeding history. Talked about what I was feeding her, ran some numbers, and weighed her. The new verdict......

Makenzie is doing GREAT!

We looked at the growth chart and the dietitian told me what a stellar job I was doing! Makenzie is getting all the right foods, enough calories, a pat on the back and keep up the good work, and I skipped my happy self right on out of that office. Now that is more like it! A little encouragement goes a long, long, long, way in this mommy's heart!

We headed home in the heat of the day and I decided a dip in the pool was in order so we did! Makenzie as usual loved it and her mommy felt refreshed.

After our dip in the pool it was time for a cuddle on the couch while Makenzie ate and shortly there after the boys got home. My son was not feeling well and had thrown up earlier... Yikes....Please pray that he starts feeling better quick and pray that no else around here gets what ever he has.

We will be heading out the door tomorrow at about 9:30am and will not be returning home until shortly before dinner time. Appointments are so much fun. It may be summer but therapy must go on!

With that said I must hit the pillow!

Believe... Prayer Works!

I skipped


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