Monday, June 14, 2010


Rest! I got some of that today ... Kind of!

Really all we did today was hang out at the house and I did some cleaning with the boy's help. It felt so nice after the week we had last week to take a bit of a break!

I feel like I have spinning at 100 miles a minute! Life has been so busy but I am not sure anything is going to slow down in the near future.

Makenzie has been going to bed later. By the time we do dinner and bath it is 8pm. This is about 2 hours later then she was going to bed and this has thrown me way off at night. I have so much less time to do what I want to and need to do. By the time I sit down it is 10:30 and I am falling asleep sitting up.

Makenzie has been doing really well. As of tonight, according to my scale she has gained almost a whole pound! She has good days and better days. The reflux is still there and is worse some days then others. I still do not understand what is causing it but there is no vomiting and she is gaining weight so I am not worried at all. I am so proud of her!

The other joy of my life is a broken truck..... again. I am really so sick of being left stranded in the strangest places by that big piece of metal. I am pretty sure this is about the 6th time this year.

I am one for adventure but really?

It is time. Now that the whole truck has been rebuilt, it needs to go, before I start rebuilding it again! ,

This is where the conundrum comes in. Do I try to find a modified van that will be able to transport Makenzie's new chair? Makenzie is about 30 pounds. I can throw her on my hip and carry her all over the place at home. When we go out however, I need to have her chair. A chair that will be very heavy and bulky.

I don't know what to do. If I by a modified van now it will be time to replace it at about the time when it is no longer an option or a matter of using a special needs stroller verses a wheelchair when out and about.


So I will pray that God will provide exactly what we need! Something that hopefully won't leave us stranded again!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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