Friday, June 11, 2010

Rain Fun

What a busy couple of days!

I really can't remember much of all of the chaos but Makenzie is doing very well!

She had a great day today starting with another appointment at the seating clinic. We are one step closer to ordering her new chair. Makenzie got to move the chair today and given everything that was going on she did great! She spun herself in circles until I thought I might puke! LOL! She, on the other hand was full of laughs and smiles!

It rained like crazy this afternoon so I took Makenzie went on the porch to watch the rain and her brothers and half the neighborhood play in it! I love the rain! Makenzie thinks it is great too. Thunder is an added bonus!

Makenzie has been doing so well with her G tubes feeds. She is still having a bit of reflux but it seems to get a little better everyday! She has not been eating much by mouth but I am ok with that! It will come and I know she can and will when she is ready!

I found a dietitian in AZ that is going to do a full dietary work up on Makenzie in order to come up with a good formula for her with blended foods. She has asked for Makenzie's medical history, GI history, growth chart records, and a food journal of what she has eaten both by tube and mouth for the last 7 days. I am so excited to finally have some intelligent help with this.

The GI dietitian here doesn't seem to really know much about the blended diet. She handed me a blended formula recipe from Texas Children's Hospital and when I asked her question about modifying certain things she was not able to answer any of them.

We have a busy day tomorrow again and Sunday will be packed as well! Yikes! Summer is upon us and I don't see life slowing down anytime soon! We have some really cool things planned..... summer break here we come!!!!

Believe..., Prayer works!


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