Friday, June 4, 2010

The Power of Prayer

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Makenzie had a really good day. She had therapy this morning and did great.

When we got home our wonderful seating guy came and brought a chair he was fixing for the school district. They wanted to see if this chair will work for Makenzie at school next year. Makenzie seems to like it. We are going to keep putting her in it and see how she does. The laterals are to big, the chest harness is too big, and the hip strap/pad is also to big and it needs a tray but all of these things are easily fixed if we decide this is the best option for Makenzie. Finally we may have a chair that will work. It only took 2 years! Oh well!

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Tonight however these problems seem so small in the grand scheme of life.

Over the past couple of days I have been reading the blog of a mother and father who's child, Claire, had a near drowning accident and is in the PICU.

Some of my closest friends have been down that road with their children and what happened to Makenzie is really very similar. Every time she updates I can see Makenzie 3 years ago. I remember the smells, sounds, and sites of the hospital. I remember the recliner and the window seat/bed. I can vividly remember them taking Makenzie for her MRI and then the round table doom and gloom talk we had while they read us the scan results. Every child is so different but man can I ever relate and it just breaks my heart.

I also remember what all of the support and prayers felt like from people all around the world. I remember getting cards, visitors, email, calls, and texts from people I knew and many I didn't. This kept me going. It still keeps me going.

So tonight I ask you to pray God's promises of healing and restoration over little Claire and all of Makenzie's friends for that matter! I pray that she gets up and walks away from this unscathed and the glory of Gods power will be abundantly clear!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting about our daughter. Your daughter is precious.

Your comments on our blog have uplifted us. Please know that we read every one of them.

Tyler & Tiffany

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