Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pool Play

After seeing how much Makenzie loved the water I made the decision that we would join the pool this year. I had a couple of options and debated them over and over in my head.

There was the outdoor pool.... two of them to choose from.

Or the Rec center with an indoor pool.

I really like the outdoor pool in the summer. It is just what you do. It is hot outside and the water is so cool and refreshing. If you are not me you may even get a tan to go along with the extra vitamin D. Fun

The problem... well there are several.... Makenzie doesn't really care for the sun. She is doing a ton better with it shinning directly on her but still not great. Next... there is something about the combination of the sun and water that drains ever last ounce of energy out of my body. As a mother of four kids this is not a good thing. Then there is the need to lather yourself daily in sunscreen. Gross and expensive all at the same time. Then there is rain, lightning, wind, tornadoes and clouds which see to always coincide at the only time during the day in which we can head to the pool. Last but not least in the land of four seasons the outdoor pool is only open for about 3 months out of the year.

So I opted for the indoor pool where the boys will also have access to many other actives on top of the pool to keep them entertained. No sun, no goopy sun screen, no wind or rain.

As with anything in my life there is always a battle to fight and a war to win.

After buying the annual pass to the rec center we headed into the pool. I got Makenzie all warm in her wet suit, grabbed her "floatation device" ie waterway babies head collar and headed into the pool. I was stoped before all 10 of my toes it the water to be told they did not allow any floatation devices in the pool. I am not sure what the look on my face was at that moment but I am sure it wasn't very pretty.

"Um... well sir... this is not a "floatation device"... it is a therapy tool for my daughter who has CP."

"I am sorry ma'am we do not allow those... we can get you a life jacket."

"Uh... no.... that is not going to work."

"Well you will have to contact the supervisor to see if he will make an exception."

"Go right on ahead... make my day."

By this time I thought I may just run out of the pool screaming.

"Well I guess you can use it this time but please grab a card on your way out and talk to the supervisor."

" Will do"

You see.. I do understand rules and why institutions have them. I am not a rule breaker. More like a rule bender. I get very tired of having to explain why my daughter NEEDS... not wants.... the rules to be bent on her behalf. I do realize why the 17 year old lifeguard who is drooling over the girl across the pool doesn't get it but is still irritating because this is just one of thousands of battles I have fought over the last 3 years.

To some degree I like the challenge and the way it feels to be the voice that helps to make Makenzie's life that much better. I called the supervisor and he asked for a letter from Makenzie's doctor stating her specific needs. FINE! I am sure Makenzie's doctor is thoroughly sick of writing letters of medical necessity for stuff like this but he still does and quickly at that. Makenzie's therapist helped me write the letter. I faxed it to the doctor's office. We went to Target and the letter had been signed and faxed back by the time we returned home. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Makenzie's doctor! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

So today we went to the pool... again with my letter in hand. War won! Makenzie did really well! She figured out she could touch the bottom and was walking back and forth across the pool. I could feel her push up through her feet. Really good stuff!!! I took her on the lazy river and she loved it other then I think she got a bit motion sick. She gave me a bit of a scare but recovered quickly and got right back into the pool!

After the pool we headed out to dinner with some friends and grandma. Summer is such fun! All of the boys are sleeping over at a friends house so my night has been nice and quiet!

Please keep praying for Makenzie!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

I came across this blog when looking for therapy tools to use in the water for my lil one. In your post you talk about some thing called a water head collar. Could you give a lil more info about this item or send a link to this item. my email is emdrake386@yahoo.com thank you so much. Your daughters story is a touching story. if you dont mind I would like to cont to follow your story. hugs to you and your family.
thank you

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