Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

The kindness of total strangers really amazes me!

This afternoon after church a friend and her family met us a On the Border for lunch. We have been going there nearly every Sunday for as long as I can remember. It is my break. some one else gets to cook, clean, and deliver all of my children what they need without me having to lift a finger.... well that is really all respective I guess! LOL

The last time we went there we had the BEST waiter I think I have ever had. I felt like a true princess the whole rime and was just right on top of all of our needs including rushing to the bar to get my boy milk after they dared each other to eat a REALLY spicy pepper! I paid the bill, left a tip, and slipped one of Makenzie's prayer cards into the bill holder.

Today when we showed up for lunch within 30 seconds the same waiter was at our table to great us. He told me he had looked at Makenzie's site. Then he told me that the manager had put together a bunch of avocados for Makenzie which he delivered to our table about half way into our meal. AMAZING!! Not only did he take care of us at our last visit there over a week ago but he cared enough to remember how much Makenzie liked Avocados!

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Just that alone was amazing but it got better.

So here we are at On The Border, Makenzie in her wheelchair, the boys, myself, my friend who is 9 months pregnant, her husband, and her 2 kids her youngest also in a wheel chair..... at one table.... trying to eat lunch!

After about an hour and a half, another pepper dare and some more milk all of the kids where done. So we asked for the bill. About 5 minutes later our waitress and the manager came back to tell us our WHOLE bill had been paid for by some one anonymous. The WHOLE thing.

I really can't even explain how all of this makes me feel. The kindness of strangers is something that shouldn't surprise me anymore but yet it still does! There are so many hard, yucky, bad things in this world but somehow the good always out weighs the bad. That made my day. Really, it made a lot more then that.... it rocked my world! So to who ever paid for our lunch and to all of the Amazing people at On The Border who put up with me, my kids, and all of the mess they bring.... THANK YOU!!! This meal once a week is so much more then just food and you all help make it happen!

This world really is a good place! Thank to every single one of you who make it that way!


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