Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kid Circus!

Oh baby, it was a kid circus at my house today!

Morgan's mommy and daddy wanted to get alone today without kids to spend some much time together before Morgan's daddy has to go back to Iraq for another 6 months.

So for about 6 hours I got to take care of her 3 kiddos. Everything went VERY well and having a 9 day old baby around was So much fun! Even though Morgan is breastfeeding her took the bottle great. I got to feed him 2 times and as I stared into his beautiful face watching him suck away the sense of God's power flooded over me.

I am not much of a bottle feeder as all of my kids where breastfed well past a year old but watching him suck, swallow, and breath, in perfect order was just amazing! When you have a child whom you have tried to re-teach this skill to for 3 years the perfect ability of a 7 lb baby to do so is breath taking!

I think I changed his pants about 4 times, changed his clothes once, and even got peed on through his diaper. Fun stuff! Very therapeutic!

Thank you for the honor of trusting me to watch your beautiful little boy! I know after being a mommy to 4 kids that it is super hard to leave your baby at such a young age and am so so honored to have been allowed to be a part of you guyd getting out for a much needed worry free afternoon! Love ya girl!

Makenzie got in her pool again today and loved it! She even was able to get her hands out of the water 2 times to splash! She rolled herself almost onto her tummy but got scared and rolled back pretty quickly. All of this after three 45 min sessions! needless to say I have begun to arrange regular swim therapy for Makenzie and her PT in a big pool with more room to move around.

Every part of me is tired tonight and tomorrow is packed so I am going to head to bed!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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