Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Grace

Parenting is fun, it is exhausting, it is something that not a single one of us will ever perfect. Each and every child has a different rule book and it is frustrating sometimes.

My oldest is less then 6 months away from being a teen. He is such a good kid. He is very responsible, kind, and fun to be with. He is also sassy, loud, and has developed the teen attitude. He now knows EVERYTHING, and is very good at egging on his brother.

My middle son... well my first middle son.... is hitting his tween years. He is the most kind hearted child you will ever meet but he is also the child who has managed to keep me on my toes for the last 11 years. He is such a huge help, he loves snakes to a fault, and is very social. He has a mouth that never stops and tests everything I say past the limits.

My second middle son is still in the middle between being a little kid and a big kid. He is sweet and loving. He is the first to say I am sorry and thank you. He is very sensitive and tender hearted. He has no problems letting his brothers do all of the chores and can scream at the silliest stuff with the best of them. He is the child I have to pry away from the TV because if allowed would play video games or watch tv all day.

Then there is my baby. Before Makenzie's accident she was a pistol. She hated having her hair done.... somethings never change. She had perfected the art of hitting her big brothers, and had moments where she was sweet as pie. She always wanted mommy to hold her and never played with toys unless I played too. She made me wrap her baby doll up so she could unwrap it and we started all over so many times I don't think I could count them all. She refused to sleep in her own bed and was and still is a mommy's girl.

Four VERY different children, one mommy.

Today started out rough. My oldest two children decided it would be a good day to bicker ALL day. It was a parenting challenge. I am pretty sure to some degree I failed but I think I did it with grace. Each one of my kids respond so differently to discipline so when you have 4 kids there is a degree of creativity required. Not sure I am really great in that area either but eventually they stopped after cleaning the bathrooms, their rooms, doing the dishes, topped of by going to their rooms again this time just to sit.

Some days are great and others are less then great. Today I think the issue was boredom. So we headed to the pool. This is where my failure sets in..... my kids in no way shape or form deserved to go to the pool... not even for a second! However, this mommy HAD to get out of the house. As soon as we left the house and headed to the pool there was a complete turn around! No more fighting and great attitudes. Just what the doctor ordered!

I think to myself often during these times about Makenzie. she has never... that I can remember.... been in time out. She never gets in trouble, her heart will never be broken by a man, she will never fail at anything, she will never worry about bills, or get laid off. Most all of the heartache and pain in life Makenzie will never have to know. I take some comfort in this thought. I do fully believe and continue to hope for full healing! I know with Christ ALL things are possible. I know God's plan is perfect and continue to pray and patiently wait as I watch Makenzie heal a bit more every day!

I love my kids so much. Yes, mornings like this morning make me wonder what I was thinking but then there is this afternoon. Watching their little faces as they came out of the slide or around the lazy river. Seeing my son swim laps in the pool, watching Makenzie's face light up the second she laided her eyes on the pool. Watching the joy in all four of their faces, blue, shivering lips and all, knowing that I made them happy. Knowing that I have survived 13 years of being a mom and survived it well, feels good. I do know I will never be perfect but seeing the growing up product of all of my hard work is amazing!

All of my imperfections I lay at the cross of my almighty God! He has and continues to take care of my humanness! Grace is so Great!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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